Riche Montana Korea Cuisine @ Ipoh

This was my first time having Korea cuisine in Ipoh and it was at Riche Montana, together we went with our friends during our internship for lunch and the environment quite calm, also the interior design really simple.

Our personal Ban Chan, really simple and some almost like fusion food I think, although simple but it taste not bad, six side dishes overall and I can't believe it that I finished them all and even request for refill. We had Fried Seaweed, Steamed Vegetable With Sesame, Salad, Steamed Beans, White Broccoli with Chili Paste, Fermented Kimchi, Stir Fried Sausages With Onions and Fried Crabstick, really simple and I guess even kids might like it as well as Boyf who don't really eat vege, did ate it all axcept Fermented Kimchi.
Korea famous for it's Ramyun, many Koreans likes it as well, they will have it for lunch or dinner even they have just Ramyun shop for it. So I ordered Ramyun for my lunch, really simple meal and definitely will make you full also definitely it taste good. The portion quite large, they added egg, carrots, crabstick and chicken meat also to with spring onions, the soup was okay but I prefer the textures a bit more thick if can I prefer it spicier a bit, the noodle was well cook as well.
Tteobokki is a must when comes to Korean food for snacks, so we also ordered one plate to eat while chit chatting with friends, quite nice, a lil bit of spicy and and sweet but the portion a bit small for 7 people to share although there is fish cakes, egg and vegetables. Overall the taste was okay, just okay. Above picture was snapped after we ate half of it, didn't realize that our mouth actually much more faster than camera click.
Here is our drinks, majority of us ordered Demisoda Apple soft drink as Z's said it taste really nice and some also go for CocoPalm drink as Z's also said it taste good. I can say that the apple soft drinks taste really nice, if there is Korea Fair selling this cans of drinks I definitely buy half carton or one carton to keep at home.
Boyf ordered Chap Jae, it look nice but I don't how it taste like as he didn't let me take a bite, but I guess it should be taste nice as he ate it so fast and I just managed to snapped a spoonful of it before he finished it, Boyf have carnivore blood, he anti vege a lots but he manage to finished clean and clear so I guess it should be nice.

And their address is...
71, Lorong Taman Ipoh Satu, Ipoh Garden South, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

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