Ming Chow Bak Kut Teh @ Kuala Dipang

In Kampar, Perak it's hard to find Bak Kut Teh or direct translate it as Meat Bone Tea which in English term is Chinese Herbal Meat Soup, it used to have one at Eastlake, Kampar but due to the super expensive price with little ingredients they offer, within month they have to closed up, since then we're actively find another one to filled our craving. Lucky enough Tennee, my friend, brought us there one rainy day together with Mei's after she went to tried it out with her coursemates then introduced to us. Above picture kinda blurry as I still used my old phone to captured it so sorry about that and the picture is our first visit. The following visit only me and Boyf with our motorcycle but I did not take better photo of that so again I'm sorry. So we found another one at Kuala Dipang and The Star News online also wrote an article regarding about it also, click here to read the article.

Literally Bak Kut Teh (BKT) is a Chinese soup popularly serve in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Taiwan maybe in Taiwan as well. It's the simplest but not easy to cook although the main ingredients consists of pork ribs, star anise, cinnamon stick, garlic, cloves, Dang Gui/Angelica Sinensis, Fennel seeds, black pepper, salt of course and Black Thicken Soy sauce and simmer for hours long, despite the name Teh which is Tea in English, there is no tea or tea leaves in the cooking ingredients, it is just BKT normally serve together with tea during the old days.

As the ingredients I mention above is just for the soup, when it is serve together there is another part ingredients which is tofu, pork, pork belly, pork skin, intestine, and meatballs. Other add on can be bean curd, fish cakes, Enoki and pork legs depend on the location and some even sell Dry BKT which I never try before. For BKT side dishes is You Char Koay, please click here for more information regarding You Char Koay, vegetables - famously Lettuce with Oyster sauce and pork floss.

BKT usually eat with rice some may go together with noodle, and depend on the eater likes You Char Koay  usually soak or dip in the soup until soggy then only eat, other ingredients some might dip it in Black Thicken sauce some might mix it with minced garlic and chopped chili padi and eat it together.

So as you can see from the picture above, we ordered two types of BKT that day, one is normal BKT which mainly consist of all meaty stuffs and another one is Enoki BKT which mainly vegetables. I personally prefer the original type of BKT rather than Enoki BKT as for me it taste weird and since I'm not Enoki fans so it is totally a turn off same goes to Boyf after we took a sipped. The aroma smell of BKT filled the whole shop and once you step inside the shop you'll feel the heat and it really warm you up during rainy day but you'll be sweaty if you dine during hot/summer season. This BKT totally is Penang style BKT so I find it very satisfying despite the taste a bit sweet, overall I'll place a good rating for it and it is also less MSG (Monosodium Glutamte) seasoning which is good, I remember I drank the soup more than I ate my rice, well I'm a soup lover more over the soup really nice also during cold, rainy day so it is totally awesome! It is good to have BKT once in awhile as it is good for our health but regularly eat it will harm our health so it is my advice to balance it well.

This place is famous among Tunku Abdul Rahman University and College students also Kampar residents, it is best to go early to avoid the crowd, the business start early evening so around 6.30pm would be nice as sometimes 7pm it's start crowded with their customers, don't worry about their serving because they are pretty fast, although it is not the best but really worth the try and the price is also reasonable.

And their address is...
Kuala Dipang, you'll be able to locate along the express way from Ipoh -> Kampar or Kampar -> Ipoh, around 5 minutes drive with car same goes to with motor, but it is my advice to car pool because the place hardly to find parking and mostly people will just park beside the road, no parking lot available.

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