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Sugar Cane
Ever since Khuntai opened their branch in Penang Island, many Penangite's do not need to travel until Raja Uda to enjoy anymore, everyday many will go to dine at there especially weekend. Of course I must not missed that and have to go to have a try, Boyf said it's really good and worth the try he even recommended me to order few of their famous and yummy delicacy, this is also his first time to try it at Teluk Kumbar, previously he had it Raja Uda with his relatives.

We ordered Sugar Cane as our drinks, as it's refreshing and it's been very long time we haven't drink it. MummyQ like this drink very much so we ordered large one that cost RM 12.00 and it is more than enough for three of us - MummyQ, me and Boyf ---> The Driver XD
Egg lover definitely will order egg as side dishes, it's the most simple dishes and can be prepare at home. I really like their Onions Omelette, it's soft but at the same time it is crunchy, not so oily and inside the omelette fulled with onions slices, super nice! If only MummyQ can cook something like this at home.
For snacks me and Boyf ordered Deep Fried Tofu With Thai Chili Sauce. We're too hungry to wait for our main dish so we ordered this to filled our growling stomach, MummyQ doesn't like it as she find it hard to chew but both of find it quite nice, not too oily, slightly crispy and the sauce for us to dip in taste sweet and a lil bit of spicy, the sauce also top with peanuts and cucumber but I prefer the topping without cucumber.
  Another side dish we ordered was Pandan Chicken. Pandan Chicken are made of Chicken Breast, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Pepper Powder and some seasoning then wrap it with Pandan/Pandanes leaves and tight it with Toothpick or tight it Pandan leaves itself then deep fried it until golden brown. It taste really nice, very juicy, well marinated, and the size of the chicken quite big as well, Boyf like it very much and he ate most of them, I said worth the try.
When it come to Thai Cuisine of course must have Tom Yum to complete everything, so we ordered Mixed Seafood Tom Yum with the request without squib as three of us did not eat it. All I can say is, it taste really really nice! It have its sourness and spiciness, the broth textures was thick and fulled with flavors also the ingredients given was a lots and all of them well absorb with the Tom Yum flavors and it's fresh especially the prawns, it is so juicy and sweet. Hmmm...talking about it make me want to eat it now miss it so so so much!
Boyf said their Belacan Fried Rice is a Must try, so we ordered a plate to shared among three of us, we just ordered a small plate one as we also ordered three plain rice. Belacan Fried Rice basically use Shrimp aste to fried together with rice then accompany with Chili Padi/Bird Eye Chili, Shredded Omelette, Shredded Mango, Slices of Cucumber and Soy Meats. All I can say this is the best Belacan Fried Rice so far. The rice was fluff, the belacan and rice was well mix together and the balance was good as well and most of all I like the Soy Meat, it's the best! The meat was soft, tender, well absorb the soy sauce and they give a lots too. I must say it is a Must to Order! Argh! I want to eat, I feel like eating it now. =(
We also ordered Stir Fried Glass Noodle to share as it's my favorite noodle, MummyQ doesn't allow me to order at first as she said it is not good to my health unless I have a bowl rice T.T *cry* so I have to promise her in order to eat it *sigh*. It's really nice, well cooked, seasoning was well balanced and very flavorful. It needs skillful chef's to cook it as it is very fragile and easily torn into small pieces if it wasn't handle well so I can say the chefs was good, very skillful and a good cookery as the noodle taste really nice #oops I said it twice already# but I prefer less vegetables because we don't eat vege so much except MummyQ, I refer all the vege is replace with glass noodle.

Above meal only cost us almost RM 67.00, they have their parking lot too and someone will help you to guide/take care of your car so no worries for that, their service was fast and friendly as well. There is indoor and outdoor for you to dine in and outdoor will be station near seaside for you to enjoy the view of sunset and sea breeze.
3 weeks later we visited here again for the second with more relatives, this time we did not order Onions Omelette, Deep Fried Tofu With Thai Chili Sauce and Stir Fired Glass Noodle, but Mix Seafood Tom Yum, Pandan Chicken, Belacan Fried Rice and Sugar Cane as it is MummyQ Top listed food Must order if dine at Khuntai, but is good also as we can try other delicacies they offer here.

MummyQ and Aunt's said when come to Thai Cuisine it is must try their Miaeng Kum appetizer, at first I refused it as I think it is not worth to eat it as the ingredients just simple where we can prepare by ourselves except the sauce and the price are quite expensive just for this simple dishes but since MummyQ and Aunt's insist it so majority wins, I have no choice.
Apparently Miaeng Kum is a traditional snack from Thailand and it is often sell at the street, the ingredients usually will be serve in different plate/bowl or pack in different bag (for take away). Basically the ingredients consists of Fresh Piper Samentosum/Chaplu leaves, Roasted Coconut Shaving, Shallots, Chili Padi/Bird Eye Chili, Ginger, Garlic, Lime, Roasted Peanuts, Small Dried Shrimps, Cashew Nuts, Mango and top with Palm Syrup. So here's mine Miaeng Kum wrap - you can actually choose not to wrap ingredients you don't like, like mine I don't put in garlic and ginger, actually it is up to you what you want to wrap, and I would say that it is nice to eat but since I'm not good in wrapping so I ended up in a messed.
The elders definitely doesn't like kerabu as they say it's not good for health but of course the youngster will never listen and ordered a plate of Kerabu Mango to share among us. So Kerabu is on of Thai's snacks as well, same as Miaeng Kum, the ingredients is pretty easy to prepare - Deep Fried Anchovies, Mango, Shallots, Chili Padi/Bird Eye Chili, Shredded Cucumber, Cashew Nuts, Sesame Oil, Lime Juice, Syrup/Sugar, Fish Sauce and Crush Peanuts. Just that simple and nice to eat.
We also ordered Steamed Fish in Thai Style, it was so so good, the fish was fresh that it is like melt in your mouth, so soft, doesn't have the fishy smell and the fish size was quite big also the sauce is the best combination ever! It tasted sweet, sour and a lil spicy although the sauce was like clear soup, I personally recommend this one, thumbs up for this.
So here's the scenery for outdoor dine, nice right? I personally think that it is like Chinese Festival where everyone in the village come to celebrate together, like old old times Chinese Festival feel, don't you think so? And you can snap a lots of beautiful sunset picture at here, bring your kids to play at the seaside while waiting for your food to be serve, dating at the seaside and so on. Totally is a good place for both attraction and good foods, and above meal only cost us around RM 120.00 for 6 people, kinda affordable right? Totally one recommended place to have Authentic Thai foods in Penang.

For more information, menu, location, contact and promotion, please click here. Thank you.

And their address is...
1052, Mukim 9, Pasir Belanda, 11920 Teluk Kumbar, Penang.

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