Jonker88 House Of Museum Cafe @ Melacca

When you're visiting Melacca/Melaka, surely you will come and visit the famous Jonker Street for its antiques, arts and crafts, clothing and restaurants especially Fridays and Saturdays night for its night market selling yummylicious old times tasty treats at cheap price. Of course, you'll get exhausted from walking one boutique to another for shopping spree under the hot sun and luckily there is one restaurant selling famous Nyonya delicacies located at the middle of Jonker Street, so we were hot and slightly digested after the walked and decided to take rest at there while chill our heat from their famous Cendul.

The interior like the old Baba and Nyonya house, there is an open area dining and all the old furniture, posters, shoes, cd's and so on. It brings back all the old memories especially if there is Nyonya relatives among the family and it feels like home to you, very cozy and chill even there are a lots of customers dining at there and walking in and out at the cafe but the environments was good, not too noisy and messy.

I ordered their Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak and shared it with Boyf, hmmm, kinda disappointed for the Curry Chicken, the rest was nice. The aromatic smell of the Curry Chicken was so light, so watery and not flavorful enough although the chicken meat was good, soft, tender and easily to bite and chew and the size of the chicken is so small despite the price we paid hmph! Guess I ordered the wrong meal since they are famous for their Laksa.
As for Cendul, we ordered Baba Cendul which only comes with Green Jelly Noodle, Red Beans, Palm Sugar, Coconut Milk and Shaved Ice. For more information of how Cendul is made, please click here. Heavily drizzled of Palm sugar which I really like it but too much of Coconut milk which slightly spoiled the dessert, it's too overpowering in terms of scent and taste, Shaved Ice was finely shaved, which I really like it, Green Jelly Noodle and Red Beans also very few despite the price we paid for it hmph, kinda disappoint with it.
Both of us also ordered Pai Tee's to shared with others as well. Pai Tee or known as Kueh Pai Tee is one of Nyonya foods and it is famous in Melacca and Penang, it is a thin and crispy pastry tart shell or crispy muffin cup filled with Fried Jincama, eggs, seafoods, crush nuts and thinly slice vegetables such as cucumber and carrots. For 6 Pai Tee's is cost around RM 9.00-10.00 which I find it very pricey and not really worth it as I find it just ok. It was juicy, quite flavorful,, lots of filling, crispy as well but the crispy cup a bit too thick and can smell the scent of the deep fried oil which a lil kinda spoiled the dish also too much of topping, ingredients also cause too much complicated taste, sometimes less it just perfect.

For more information regarding Jonker88 House if Museum Cafe, please click here. Thank you.

And their address is...
No. 66, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), 75200 Melaka, Melaka.

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