Gong Hin Dim Sum Restaurant @ Kampar

To have Dim Sum in Kampar Perak is not easy as not many shops selling it especially in New Town not to mention Eastlake, the most you can find Dim Sum in Kampar is at Old Town. When you're half awake and craving for Dim Sum it is best not to drive or ride until Old Town to satisfy your craving as it is dangerous because the only road to go there is Express Way where all heavy trucks will use the road, so the best is to have it New Town plus there is short cut from Eastlake to New Town/Westlake, there is no need to use Express Way. Although it is not the best but at least enough to satisfied your craving for Dim Sum, although they may not have varieties of choices but at least they have the basic Dim Sum dishes to serve your craving.

I had visited it for several times throughout my undergraduate life, and every time we ordered the same dishes, though I did not miss it but dining at there has also been part of my food story now so I'm going to blog about it.

The Egg Tart was ok but too moist or wet, the skin also easily crumble into pieces but I quite like the filling as it is not too sweet although the textures a bit hard. Fishballs was ok, soft and bouncy, juicy but the taste was too bland. Prawn Dumpling/Har Kao a bit disappointed, the skin was too thick and the filling a bit too little and less juicy as well, was unable to taste the sweetness of prawn but mostly the skin wrap. Siu Mai/Pork Dumpling was juicy, the taste not bad as well but the pork scent a bit too strong, the skin a bit sticky and messy but it is editable and just ok. Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun/ Hong Kong Rice Noodle was good although the textures rather a bit too thick, the soy sauce given a bit too little and the chili paste a bit weird compare to Penang but if you ignore the chili and just eat it like this then it will be ok. The Century Egg Porridge is something we like the most, I would say everything just well balance, the textures, the taste although the ingredients may be too little but I think it was ok because it's really good, although it look really just too plain but it was okay for me as well because it is good, the porridge often finish early so do be there early if you want to eat the porridge, both of us usually will be there around 7am or latest 7.30am and it is the best time because the porridge just cook and hot to be serve. Boyf usually will order at least one fried foodin his Dim Sum and he usually will go for Bean Curd With Deep Fried Shrimp, I would say everything has been deep fried will be taste good so it was nice to eat just a bit too oily and the mayonnaise given also quite a lots. Surprisingly they also offer Siu Long Bao/ Xiao Long Bao/Steamed Small Bun. Siu Long Bao is another type of steamed bun originated from China, basically it is a traditional steamed bun in a small bamboo baskets and it is filled with minced pork, seafood, vegetables and some other ingredients, it need fresh, good ingredients and skillful chefs to prepare it so it is not an easy to have good Siu Long Bao to eat. Once they have taken your order they will definitely recommend their Siu Long Bao for you, but Don't order it as it is really worthless to have a try, a real disappointment, seriously not good at all even Boyf who is not fussy about food also said there is no more second try for it, if I were to give rating then it will be 1.5/10 and the price was quite expensive, if I'm not mistaken it is around RM 9, really not worth the try.

To know more about Chee Cheong Fun/Rice Noodle and Dim Sum, please click here and here for the information.

And their address is...
No, 2319-2320, Jalan Hala Timah 1, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak.

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