Fish Head Fried Noodle @ New Pakma Food Court

Fish Head Fried Noodle
Very famous among the elders to have their breakfast at there and drinking tea but not among the youngsters, I had it once with MummyQ and GodMum and Godbro, if they did not bring me to there I might forever don't know about, it was mainly occupied with the elders I hardly sightseeing any youngster except those toddler grandchildren being take care of their grandparent's, I even tried to find in Google for more information but sadly I unable to found even one, I wonder why there is no one blog regarding it while it taste so nice. My guessing is, even it is located at food court but no one will realize there is food selling inside as the food court only operate at night, no banner stated anything or hang at the food court front door for simple advertising purpose  the stall was well hidden deep inside the food court causing one unable to notice it, although there is people sitting around no one will notice actually they are the customers, people might thought they are the customers for car washing, Note: there is car washing center just beside the food court or shall I say in the food court? I saw my junior posted a picture of the food recently together with the location tag in Facebook so I asked her about it, to my surprise she was also shocked by it that there's no other youngster except her and she felt so awkward but she did said the food was nice.

It's simple meal but it's not easy to prepare and need skillful chef to prepare it, also the presentation is simple just as you can look at above picture. Usually Fish Head Noodle is serve with soup but they slightly modify it to become dry type, therefore they fried it! The ingredients basically is - Noodle, Vermicelli, Fish Meat,Vegetables, Soy Sauce, Deep Fried Onions, Salt and Pepper for seasoning and also Sambal if you wish lil spice in your food. MummyQ ordered noodle and vermicelli while me, I'm not really a big fans of noodle, if got chance I'll only order vermicelli so vermicelli here I go. I can say both was well balanced, the noodle was moist, well cooked and soft, the soy sauce was well cooked together with the noodle and the noodle well absorb with the soy scent and taste same go to the fresh fish meat sweetness absorb in the noodle and the fish meat was well cooked, moist and soft. Everything was good except the price, the price is exceptionally expensive in my opinion, just a plate cost almost RM 10.00 and the portion is small, the fish meat not a lot and the size is small as well, vege only few leafs, price wise not worth the try but if for taste wise worth the try at least once.

And their address is...
Jalan Burma, Georgetown 10350, Penang.

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