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I love bakery and pastries, I can never get enough of it and I must have it at least thrice a week whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So when I was in Ipoh, I don't know where to find other bakeries other than Yohan's Bakery that Chi's introduced to us and Yohan's Bakery was very far away from our rented house so I need to find another one to fill in my craving but I'm shy to ask Chi's for more after all the hostel and help she provide to us during the period of time so me and Boyf, took initiative to look for other bakery around our rented house, luckily we found one.

Since then we often go there to buy bread and once we buy we bought a bunch of it, at least 5-6 different types of bread that will help us last for 2 1/2 days long, as you can refer to above picture, there is many types of bread in our bag. They also offer varieties of breads from bite-size to big size, from buns to loafs, breads to cakes and varieties of different types of selection - sausages, floss, hams, cheese, tunas, jams, and so on, it is endless choices you can choose from the display.
This is something I like but will make you really full, 2 in 1 small size bread, I remember I doubted to try it but still go for it because it is something I like, it is Peanut Mochi Bun. Penang Mochi is almost like Japanese Mochi just slightly different, as it is more simple. Mochi is rice cake made of glutinous rice, it is a traditional snacks commonly sell in Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, China and Thailand. In Malaysia we have our very own traditional Mochi as well. Like Japanese Mochi, we also use glutinous rice but instead filled with paste and jam in it, we just cut the glutinous rice into bite-size then mix it with crush peanuts and sugar.

So in this Pandan flavor bun was filled with Mochi and peanuts and sugar crush, overall was good not too sweet as well but the peanuts moisture a bit too wet. Mochi textures is very important as its play the main role, it must be mixes well, it have to be soft but not slime and hard, it also must be moist but not watery and it must be in right temperature else it will be spoiled easily. I can say that here Mochi was well prepared, the bun was good, fulled with Pandan/Pandanus smell, moist, soft and the color was nice too, the combination was good too, not so airy and quite packed, talking about that make me miss it already,
I also bought Rainbow Pastries for MummyQ and relatives to try when I back Chinese New Year, so this is the box for the pastries, simple and nice right? Some more with the Chinese calligraphy really make it look traditional.
Rainbow Pastries
Ain't it look nice? Really look like rainbow right? And the pattern look like Jupiter planet right? With the fine lines and the color, it looks like a fine arts to me, I'm sure it need skills to made one and each of it filled with different ingredients as what I told by the salesgirl but like I said I bought it for MummyQ and relatives to try it so I don't get to try it but based on the picture already enough to make me drool.
Oh and they'rer environment friendly, either you bring your own or use their recycle bag, at first we don't know about it and we bought a lots of breads so we had to use their recycle bag and so above picture are the recycle bag, nice right? Besides that, the shop interior and environment was nice and simple also they have varieties of cakes and they make their own custom cake as well. To know more about it click the link below.

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