Apollo Stick Waters

It's has been sometimes ever since I had Apollo wafer biscuits as snacks to munch, hmmm about 2 years+ I guess and I remember it clearly for about RM 20 cent or RM 30 cent for a packet consists of 4 wafer sticks, 70's and 80's kids should be able to understand the feeling of having it when we were a child, it's like we're in cloud nine or pick up some few dollars or gold although it is just a wafer sticks. So I bought few packets back home when I saw it mini markets, the reason I did not have it for so long is, life change eventually, especially when you live in city everything was so fast space and you you need to learn to catch up the latest trend so slowly I forgotten about it until I saw it mini markets. The reason I only buy at mini markets is because they break it down into packets and sell it instead of dozen, I find it eat less will make you treasure the moments and taste more so I would never buy dozen of it.

So eventually I bought 3 packets of each - Peanuts and Chocolate Cream which chocolate is my favorite while Boyf decided to go for peanuts as he said very long did not try it already. We took one packet to eat while watching TV, and without realizing it, it just finished! We was like WOW that was fast, we did not realize it until we buy few more times and eat it for few more times, only yo find out that instead of 4 wafer sticks like it used to be now down to only 3 sticks although the price still remain RM 30 cent - RM 40 cent per packet.

It is not the world best wafers as once you bite the biscuits the pieces of biscuits will stick on your lips and easily stick around your mouth when you eat it, the wafer was so thin like paper but very crispy chocolate also taste sweet and melts in your mouth same goes to peanuts the flavor and textures was fine and quite thick but the memory worth the price and the taste more than that so I was happy to be able to find it again to relive my childhood happiness that seems long lost in the process of growing up, like I said before, to find happiness doesn't mean one have to spend a lot sometimes just few cent worth more than spending thousand shopping spree at the mall or having extravagant meal at restaurant.

And the address is...
Any Supermarkets or Hypermarkets in Malaysia (For dozen). Mini markets it depend on housing area, one place for sure is Desa Green at Perak Road, Penang (ground floor mini market).

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