Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant @ Ipoh

Boyf and Jacqueline's Teriyaki and Fried Chicken Bento
Our internship near to an end as a Special Education Teacher, so we decided to go for celebration before start another war as final undergraduate before we graduate then each of us will be parted, we discussed and Ipoh people finally gave some suggestion, so here we go. The environment was nice and we were seated in a room as we have so many people fear disturb other customers, their service was friendly and kinda fast also their menu have very wide of selection to choose from.
In the Bento have Tempura Fried Vegetables, Watermelon as well so it can be very full and refreshing. All the pictures are for posting purposes only as I really did not try out their food's except mine, I'll only comment on my own food and some fair share food we had together.
 FC's Unagi and Teriyaki Bento
 Moon's Unagi and Salmon Bento
 KT's Cold Soba Bento
 Chi's and Lime Beefs and Sashimi Bento
  OY's Onions Fried Chicken and Egg Set
My Curry Rice
Owh~I really like it very much, the portion is quite big and the ingredients given also a lots, like I said I really like Japanese Curry whenever I go or which Japanese restaurant I go, I definitely order Japanese curry food.  I really like it very much everything was good except the curry they gave so lil hu hu hu T.T. The chicken and potatoes size also big, everything was soft, moist, tender juicy and absorb the curry scent, everything really good but why they no give me more curry? Curry only, I want your curry but why you so stingy?
Kyuri Maki
Pan Fried Gyoza
I also tried their Gyoza, it was good as well, the meat very tender, juicy and moist, and the skin was thin too, not so oily as well, I believe I can have the whole plate by myself for snacks, worth the try.
Alison's Seafood Baked Cheese Rice
Deep Fried Chicken
Their Fried Chicken was good too, very juicy, moist, tender and crispy but slightly oily, don't be afraid of it you can actually use tissue to wrap around it and slightly press it with your hand to let the tissue to absorb the oil then you can have it with less oily, worth the try or must try!
Our SUPER full table
Is like a festival for us and we had so much fun, chats, gossiping and snaps. Time passes to fast, we are now parted with our own path and I hope future we can have gathering something like this again. =D

Oh ya, parking lots are available to sometimes need some luck as many restaurants and boutique located at there.

And their address is...
36-38, Medan Ipoh 1E, Medan Ipoh Bistari, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

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