Yae Won Korean Restaurant @ Medan Ipoh

Z's brought us to this restaurant where she used to work here after work, she recommended this place to us if you really want to try real Korea foods as the Boss and Lady Boss are Koreans and mostly all the foods they prepare by themselves or you can say Korea Home Cook dishes. If you're first timer at there the Lady Boss will help you to prepare dishes and guide you how to cook the foods such as bbq the pork and other ingredients, so I can say they're service quite good but since we have Z's so Z's the one help us to grill the pork and Lady Boss prepare dishes for us.

Above picture is side dishes or Ban Chan per person and I find it really tempting, combination of color was great, varieties of fermented vegetables, smell awesome too, presentation is nice and simple as well. I really like broccoli with hot paste - vege was fresh and the hot paste sauce well mix and blend with the vege. Kimchi was well fermented and the smell and flavoring not overpower the side dishes, And I like their fresh salad - juicy, sweets, fresh, crunchy and the mayonnaise just well mix with the salad. I only ate these three ban chan so I just comments about these three ban chan.  Actually they do have more ban chan but I did not captured every ban chan in the picture unable to fit everything in one picture, they have at least 10 side dishes for you to eat. And top of the picture, is our fresh lettuce in the basket for our later use for bbq wraps.
Kimbap as our light snack before real meats hunting, Kimbap is almost like Sushi roll or is Sushi roll, the different is just Sushi is using rice vinegar mix in the rice and Kimbap is using sesame oil. I don't know what's the name for this Kimbap but it has everything in it - pickles, cucumber, radish, carrots, crab stick eggs and meats. It's really packed and mouth watering, although it mixes many ingredients but it did not spoil the taste instead really nice to eat and taste awesome. It was well combined in everything, not over powering one another ingredients, moist and juicy. Love it!
This is Gunmandu, or Pan Fried Dumpling. We also have this in our Chinese cultural and the ingredients as well almost the same. Both also I like it very much as long as it is Dumpling. The ingredients basically is meats, tofu, green onions, garlic and ginger some may added onions as well and soy sauce for dipping.

I personally find it very nice to eat, very juicy, very aromatic, packed of ingredients, not really oily, everything melts in your mouth! I thing that can even make it better is to make the skin less thick a bit more, then everything is good.
Tteoboakki and Fish Cake. Really nice~ I wonder why I can't come out with something so nice to eat while all the Korea restaurants taste so awesome? To know more about my homecook Tteobokki, please click here. What I'm Lacking Actually???!!! It's my favorite snacks that's why I try to cook it instead of just going to Korea restaurants just to order one Tteobokki to eat but unsuccessful outcome. Very yummy, you can hear the slurp sound when we ate it, not too spicy, not too sweet, the gravy neither too watery or thick in textures. Even the rice cake is so soft and tender unlike mine so hard to chew that it tired my mouth out. What's their secret weapon huh? Is it onions? Spring onions?
Jjajangmyeon! Jjajangmyeon is wheat noodles comes with thicken salty black soybean sauce, the sauce is made of roasted soybeans and caramel then added onions, meats and cornstarch to thicken the sauce then top with slices of cucumbers. I totally cannot remember what it taste like because I only got to taste one small spoon then the next seconds all had been clear up by others, Boyf also don't get to eat even one mouth. But I think/guess it taste really nice since just awhile the whole plate of Jjajangmyeon been cleared, only left the plate.
This is Nakjibokum, Nakjibokum is spicy octopus dish which I don't eat as I easily get choked by rubbery foods, picture is for display only, no comments regarding the food.
Pajeon is Korea pancake made of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, green onions/spring onions but you're allow to add other ingredients depending on your like and the place selling it. It's slightly oily as it is pan fried and to taste good depend on how well the ingredients was mix and balance. Yae Won added Enoki mushroom in it and I don't like Enoki so again I didn't eat it just because of Enoki, of course Boyf didn't eat it as well, when comes to vege he will be the first to say NO.
Another ban chan, basically is all for dipping purposes and I only used the upper left sauce because it taste sweet but not too sweet, really like it!
Korean Hot Pot is spicy stew that simmering in metal pot and the ingredients are placed into the pot and waiting it to be cook, usually the ingredients is meats, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, taufu, and noodle.

Really nice to eat especially with a bunch of crazy friends around you and it is best to eat when the weather is cold but when you're craving for it, just go for it. In this Hot Pot, it have varieties of ingredients in it as you can see from above picture it's full! We have vegetables to seafood the meats, we have everything in it! It's really nice to eat, not too spicy, a lil bit of sweetness, hot, very flavorful but not overpowering. Talking about it I'm salivating now! I love Hot Pot either Chinese Hot Pot or Korea Hot Pot both I like it very very much! It's easy meal where you throw everything in waited it to cook for awhile then you can eat it already and the longer you simmer the soup with meats or seafood the more the soup taste fabulously awesome. And we cleared it up, not even a drop left!
Korean Barbecue
Everyone favorite especially the carnivore (the boys and Boyf), their eyes were eyeing the meats the moment  it was placed on the grilling stone even volunteered to help us to grill. Evil! Since I'm not into Enoki and allergy to beef so I just had pork and onions wraps in my lettuce leafs. Very satisfied with the meats! The meats was not seasoned, just grilled the raw meats on grilling stone and Z's (ex-worker) and Lady Boss will help us from the grilling process - oiling, placing, grilling, cutting and serving. We just sat there and munching non-stop, thumb's up for the service. So after cutting the meats, wraps the meats with lettuce leafs and add caramelized onions, garlic and etc then eat it. Heaven I tell you, I like eating meats this way since I was young, before Korea wave hit Malaysia. Fresh juicy, crunchy, sweet lettuce wraps with tender, juicy meats and caramelized onions, garlic, kimchi and chili paste - this is stairway to heaven! Can you imagine it? Gosh I'm craving for it now and stomach is making stupid sounds, ish! Off to go have my dinner.

Before that, their address is...
6, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1C, Medan Ipoh, Bistari, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

Business operate for lunch and dinner.

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