U.S Pizza @ Nagore Road

This is my second visit to US Pizza, I remember the 1st visit was 2008 where I went with my ex-colleagues for take away for our lunch break and I find it very satisfying. This year I went there again with Boyf and Jing's as both of them never try it before. Above picture is the menu for the US Pizza, quite simple together with the description, price and picture.
We make it as set so it comes with a jag of drinks, mushrooms soup and breadstick. The drink the offer are American Ice Tea which I find it refreshing but a bit too sweet.
These is our Mushrooms soup of the day and Crazi Garlic Twist, the bread really nice! Very aromatic of the bread, soft, fresh, warm, fluffy and presentation are nice as well but I prefer a lil more bit of topping such as cheese powder, herbs or garlic powder then it will be perfect!
We ordered Aloha Deluxe as our pizza, the most basic of all the pizzas they offer in the menu. The pizza consist of Pineapple, Crabstick, Chicken Ham and Onions ohya like any other pizza in Malaysia such as Domino's and Pizza Hut, US pizza also offer Halal food so no worries for the Malays, you all can enjoy it as much as you like.

The quality has dropped since the last time I had it in year 2008, so here I'm doing the compare and contrast between 2008 and 2013. The ingredients portion is still the same quite a lots of them, the cheese portion I used to had had been lessen as well, not bit but quite a lot, the aroma smell of the Pizza also drop, it used to very good smelling even it was serve hot or even it had been chilled but now the pizza was serve hot but not that aromatic already even the color of presentation also has drop. Pizza size is still the same, quite big but the dough of pizza smell also less tempting already. Here I can say that the quality has been drop so do some of the quantity.

For more information regarding U.S Pizza, please click here for their Facebook page.

And their address is...
24, Nagore Road, 10150 Georgetown, Penang.

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