Uncle Wan Tan Mee @ Eastlake, Kampar

It is The BEST Wan Tan Mee I had even Penang famous Wan Tan Mee at Chowrasta Market lost to this uncle Wan Tan Mee and me and Boyf frequently miss it so so so much! It might be the best Wan Tan Mee for us but some may find it just nice, like Mei's she prefer watery type of Wan Tan Mee but we like non watery yet not too dry type. Talking or just looking at the picture makes me so miss it ans wanting to eat it, argh hope uncle willing to relocate it at Penang and 3-4 days out of 7 days in a week I'll eat it without getting bored.

Wan Tan Mee is a Cantonese noodle which is very popular in Guangzhou, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Wan Tan Mee is well known as Dumpling Noodle in English term, Wan Tan is Dumpling and Mee is Noodle, this dish or meal is the most simple, healthy, all in one meal, affordable and mostly everyone likes or favorite, here, in Penang, when you're lost what to eat, Penangites will simply go for Hokkien Mee or Wan Tan Mee.

Wan Tan Mee usually serve in a hot broth with dumpling and leafy vegetables in it, normally seller will go for Kailan which is Kale vegetable. The dumpling are made of square dough then place amount of meat filling on the center, wrapped it in desire shape then cook it in boiling water, the ingredients basically is minced pork, spring onions, minced garlic and onions, spices, pepper and salt.

However, different country or places offer different type of Wan Tan Mee, for an example between Penang and Perak states of Malaysia. In Penang, when we ordered Wan Tan Mee, just Wan Tan Mee with everything in it - Leafy vegetables, char siew, wan tan, noodle, spring onions and jalapenos unlike in Perak state when you just order Wan Tan Mee mean just wan tan, leafy vegetables and noodle itself, if you wish for char siew, you'll have to order it example Wan Tan Mee with Char Siew. Another differences is, Penang some stall offer deep fried wan tan and stream/boil wan tan, serve jalapenos and mostly without broth, opposite from Perak, Perak did not serve deep fried wan tan, jalapenos and mostly come with broth. At some place Wan Tan Mee are serve with soy and oyster gravy almost like watery glue look which is not my liking but majority will use soy sauce (salty taste) mix with black thicken soy sauce (sweet taste), added a spoonful of boiling water or broth to mix together with the noodle, some soy sauce may be very watery others may be dry but not really very dry type and some even selling it with soup based.

To me either watery or dry doesn't matter as long as it is not gravy and it is nicely mix and cook, I found this uncle Wan Tan Mee in my second year of University and it's been moving here and there due to the cafe he operate his business keep closed down then he finally get invited by Andrew cafe to settle down and it has been selling at Andrew cafe since then which is 138 Cafe (will blog about it soon). Uncle selling several type of Wan Tan Mee and every each of it are fast selling, uncle operate his business around 8.30am/9am until everything are sold off which usually end by 12.30pm latest 1pm. Uncle is selling four types of Wan Tan Mee - Wan Tan Mee, Wan Tan Mee with Char Siew, Curry Wan Tan Mee and Wan Tan Mee with Minced Pork and Mushrooms.

I had tried 3 types of Uncle Wan Tan Mee out of 4 and I love all the 3 not only like but love it very very much, it is the best, most yummylicious Wan Tan Mee I ever have until now. Throughout my university life at Kampar, at least I'll eat Uncle Wan Tan Mee at least twice a week for breakfast until uncle remember our order, which only sees our face and we just gave hand signal how many plate we would like to order then uncle will make it for us, I remember I went for internship at Ipoh for 5 months when I returned to Kampar I found uncle stall had been cleared up and the cafe was closed down, me and Boyf was so so disappointed but lucky enough he moved to another cafe which his stall was hidden and I found it when we passed by the cafe going to Laundry shop surprisingly uncle still remember us although 5 months long didn't meet him. I had tried out Wan Tan Mee, Wan Tan Mee with Char Siew and Curry Wan Tan Mee, I didn't try Wan Tan Mee with Minced Pork and Mushrooms because I'm not a fans of it especially Chinese Mushrooms. And uncle always free us Curry as he knew we like it very much!

The curry is Curry Chicken with Potatoes, Boyf frequently ordered it as he super love Curry Chicken and also one of his favorite, uncle Curry Chicken extremely very thicken, creamy, powerful aroma smell of it and not quite spicy, potatoes was soft, chicken was well cook, the meats was easily ripped off and well marinated with the curry flavor when it was cook together, then mix it with Black Soy Thicken sauce Noodle, Awesome to the max! You'll make you salivating once you have it.

Another one is just Wan Tan Mee and Wan Tan Mee with Char Siew, we usually go for Wan Tan Mee with Char Siew but when Char Siew is finish then we'll just go for Wan Tan Mee, both are the same just one added Char Siew - can view from above picture. It was dry but not too dry Black Thicken Soy sauce with noodle mix in it, comes with Wan Tan and it's broth, pretty simple right? but nice Wan Tan Mee besides good ingredients it have to be very skillful in cooking the noodle as I remember the uncle several times let his son to handle the cooking and it came out completely different textures for the noodle although the uncle guide him in cooking it, flavor was a bit different as well - more bitter and the noodle, a bit too soggy but at the same time taste like uncooked and hard to bite, whenever we see uncle let his son to handle the cooking, we'll just turn back home cook oats and eat bread.

The broth taste really thick in flavoring but at the same time the textures is watering, serve hot together with wam tan although the wan tan size are small but fear not as uncle is very kind person, he will give approximately 5-6 wan tan per person unlike Penang, the size was medium but only three wan tans, the touch up of course with some spring onions. Although the Char Siew is not glace with honey type but the Char Siew really nice, not too sweet, less coloring, easily to bite and uncle give a lot of it also it is fast sold off.

Whenever we order these uncle definitely gave us free curry from the Curry Chicken of course without the chicken but sometimes he will gave potatoes as well, and we always accept it with wide smiling on the face and keep saying 'thank you, thank you'. We noticed he only treat us not others and we're so so grateful toward him for take caring us and being so nice to us, when he first free us the curry we were so shocked and embarrass but soon enough we're so close, he even said sorry to us whenever he unable to free us the curry as been sold out and of course we were disappointed but we're also happy his business was doing so well and talk to him asn said 'it's ok, uncle.' before we finished our last semester as undergraduate student, we went there again and inform him we're going to graduate, uncle congratulated us and even wanted to treat us one last meal but we refused as, business is business more over he already treat us with free curry for two years long, sometimes Char Siew as well.

Talking about it make me feel like eating his Wan Tan Mee and have a chat with him, miss both very much, I'm lucky to met good food and good person at the same time, I wonder how is he doing, I did went back last year but don't get to eat as we was car pooled with friend's car and they wasn't feel like eating it, hopefully this year get to make it.

Remember, nice food doesn't mean need to be famous, have an article in newspaper, blog by every bloggers, or even visited by celebrities or TV food hunter. Even a small stall selling at not famous place, not well known by people but famous among college and university students can be very yummylicious.

And the address is...
Taman Eastern, (Eastlake), 31900  Kampar, Perak

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