Tai Shu Keok @ Pasir Pinji

Tai Shu Keok or well known as Big Tree Root is one of the famous lunch grab among the Ipoh people, it is quick, cheap and satisfying lunch break with varieties of selection to choose from and during lunch break it is very crowded with the customers and hardly to find table to settle, so they set up another branch at a cafe just beside the main stall. For those who prefer better hygiene it is my advice to go to the new branch, and for those who don't mind regarding hygiene matter then both place are okay but definitely of course recommended to go for the original place.

Above picture show the varieties of selection you can choose from the baskets, they have deep fried stuffs and not deep fried stuffs (homemade fish balls, pepper fish balls, bean curd fish balls and so on) or we call it fish paste place on the table, for noodle choice they have many selection as well, maggie, vermicelli, noodle or Lou Shu Fun/Silver Needle Noodle - for more information regarding the noodle please click here. For non fried stuffs, they will cook it in hot boiling water again although it is already cooked and for fried stuffs it is ready to be serve. For the all the ingredients - deep fried or not only cost about RM 0.50 - RM 0.60.

Having lunch at there means no mercy sometimes, queuing up sometimes make you piss off as well as someone will cut your queue or they will never give back your queue or space to grab the food, as I'm saying this means no offend just what I had experienced it before at there. After you picked your selection, go to another counter and there will be another assistant to assist you what what noodle you'll like and how would like it to be cook - so there is clear soup, laksa and dry (mix with soy sauce) then inform where you are seated then later they will serve your meal on your table once it is cook and ready.
Both branches cafe famous for their ice-blended beverage and you get to see many order it, they also have other drinks selection but we prefer ice-blended as it is in large size and the price is quite cheap as well also it's chilling under the hot sun. We'd tried several types of ice-blended they offer, above and example of the size to refer to and it is Red Bean Ice-Blended/Hung Tau Sha Peng, it nice to drinks as it will make you feel full, the drinks is not too sweet nor thick in textures and watery also it is well blended. There is a banner to show you what they offer in ice-blended as it is too much I couldn't remember it, as I only can remember is Dragon fruit and Lychee so far and also Mix Fruit Ice-Blended/Chap Goh Peng
This is my order, Dry Silver Needle Noodle, I've always love this type of noodle and maggie noodle. I ordered deep fried food and not deep fried food (clear soup bowl), for deep fried I chose fish cake, fish paste with vegetables and wan tan wrap, for non fried food is fish paste tofu. My noodle also added bean sprout and spring onions but if you dislike it, you can request the assistant to not serve you with it.
Boyf Mix Fruit Ice-Blended and his Dry Silver Needle Noodle and Only fried food. He will never take non fried food if there is fried food on display, Boyf never understand why I like Silver Needle noodle so much also he had tried before so he go for another try, he asked for no onion spring as you can see from the picture and again he never like it, the next round we go he just order noodle and vermicelli.

Both branch located near to each other and both places also hardly to find parking also there is no parking area to park your car, hence, many park their vehicle by the roadside, some even double park their car. Is my advice to go early or by motorcycle or even better car pool.

And their address is...
652, Jalan King, Pasir Pinji, 31650 Ipoh, Perak.

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