Seoul Garden @ Gurney Plaza

It's been awhile since I had my steamboat-bbq at Seoul Garden, hmmm..when was then? I think in year 2006, then I've been focus in my studies then worked part time before entered University until recently when I go have dates with Boyf during weekend when we're off from work. Surprisingly the price increase drastically  is it because of inflation in our nation? He knew I had been longing to dine in there for once and he brought me there to have our dinner date.

This post is simple and it will be real short, so! To make their customers easier, they divided foods section accordinly. Above picture is vegetables section, and its the section that Boyf HATE the most and not worth to eat but I still love these section because I like my meats to be wraps at times when I have steamboat-bbq.
This is the section for after meal and the section that I love MOST! No matter how full I am I'll definitely find some space in my stomach to fill in, and that's it call DESSERT! No matter what dessert it is, when I see them I'll smile widely and when I eat them I'll be happy.
This is meat section, Boyf favorite section or shall I say everyone favorite section? As I know many people don't like vegetables and feel it is a waste to eat vegetable after paying for the expensive price but please don't forget our body need balance nutrition's. =D
This is appetizer section, where I don't usually go this section, I'll straight to meats and vegetables section but I don't mind telling you what they offer. They offer steamed bun, fried nuggets, fried noodle and so on, for me this section not worth to try as you can have better one or you can make it by yourselves. Behind all the black bowls is all the sauces they're offering at the counter.
Another section for vegetables, eggs and varieties of noodles. Is a section where I'll just go for the vegetables for my wraps.
This is our steamboat-bbq pot, we asked for Herbal soup for our steamboat instead of Tom Yam soup, we prefer something clear and non spicy soup for steamboat. And varieties selection of meats on our plates, one thing remained in my mind is the coffee flavor meats, the meats was marinated with coffee and the smell was so strong that we felt we need it try it out although we're not coffee fans and we find it taste weird, hmmm...I don't know how to explain it, maybe coffee lovers might like it, it was well marinated, it just not our taste.
Tadaaaa~our steamboat-bbq pit! As you can see, it filled with meats and usually we'll clear the meats oil after bbq with the soup before we eat the meats for health conscious reason.

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