Poh Piah @ Kampar, Old Towm

Did you know that Kampar, Perak Old Town hidden one super nice Poh Piah? I bet many not know about it as it is not frequently sell, the stall was well hidden in one corner and we seriously do not know about it even my friend from Ipoh and food hunting friend not knowing about it as well, it was so low low low profile until we was introduced by Wai's which she is from Kampar and know most of the good foods available at there so she brought us go when she noticed the auntie selling it when we had something to do at town.

Poh Piah or Spring Roll is a soft and thin wrap like crepe made from flour, the skin will wrap with fried Jicama or well known as Bangkuang, lettuce, crabstick, minced tofu, shredded omelette, finely granulated peanuts and some  spread sweet sauce and optionally spread of hot chili sauce. Some vendors might added some extra ingredients into the wraps such as  bean sprouts, shredded carrots, deep fried onions, shrimp and for non-halal usually will add pork belly or minced pork. Some vendors will deep fried it, serve it dry or wet, for wet Poh Piah usually will have clear gravy soup like as finish touch. This dish very famous among Asia country such as Malaysia of course, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Different place offer different type of Poh Piah and Kampar offer really cute and dry type of Poh Piah also just simple type but awesome Poh Piah. The ingredients as for what I can still remember is really simple - Fried Jincama, lettuce, minced tofu, shredded omelette, crabsstick, finely granulated peanut and spread of sweet sauce and their super spicy chili sauce which is their specialty, for those that cant stand spiciness it is my advice to say don't ask for the chili sauce but since both of us really like spicy stuff so we added, even just a spoon of spread chili sauce it is more than enough for you to feel it. Some seller aren't good in preparing Dry Poh Piah but this stall Dry Poh Piah are promising, bet you wont be disappointed. The Poh Piah skin not chewy and moist, fried Jincama was well balanced but kinda cook into small pieces, other ingredients such as minced tofu, shredded omelette, crabstick, lettuce and granulated peanut was average. For this stall Dry Poh Piah, the Poh Piah skin and the chili sauce play the most important part and both us of like their chili sauce the most and we think that is their chili sauce make the Dry Poh Piah taste so good.

If not because Wai's introduced it to us we will never know more over they did not sell it often, they will only  sell when they feel like it, or when they have free time. I remember before my last semester end, we tried to have it again but unfortunately we have no luck.=( talking about it, makes me miss it.

31900 Kampar, (Old Town), Perak.  A small food station beside bus station (Hidden behind other hawker stall).

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