Moon And Moon Cafe @ Pasir Pinji

Moon and Moon Cafe is Chi's family another favorite place to have their breakfast during the weekend and during the half year at Ipoh, she introduced us to this place as she said the cafe have many varieties of food to choose and the food is really nice. Sometimes we will pass by the cafe as the location is near to the place where we rent our room and the cafe everyday fill with customers so we decided to give it a try before we end our stay at Ipoh.

Above picture is Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, which is one of my favorite food especially it is a most on my table if I went for Dim Sum. Chee Cheong Fun is Rice Noodle Roll or Steamed Rice Roll, well known to be serve during morning breakfast especially at Dim Sum restaurant whether in Hong Kong or Malaysia, everyone love it! The Steamed Rice Roll will be filled with shrimp, pork or both but depending on the location some may add another ingredient into the list such as beef, the different of Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun and Penang Famous Chee Cheing Fun is Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun use sweet soy sauce unlike Penang Chee Cheing Fun use shrimp paste.

Everything about the Chee Cheong Fun is super fine except the chili sauce and lil of soy sauce, I personally prefer chili with dried shrimp. It is a very unique chili sauce, sweet, crisp and a lil of spicy but here they serve it separate it so it fail to bring the flavors I always have in Penang. Soy sauce was nice, the balance just perfect but too lil for a plate with 3 Chee Cheong Fun. Tenderness of the Chee Cheong Fun, soft, moist and layer at the perfect balance, really nice, once you pick it up with your chopsticks you can actually see the Chee Cheong Fun is bouncing beautifully.
I couldn't believe that I can find it in Perak, at Kampar I couldn't find it at all and fortunately I can find one stall in Ipoh, I think it is rare food in Perak or can be said not famous in the state but in Penang this food is superb famous and we will have it for tea break and it is superb cheap as well it cost less than RM 1.00, the most expensive also cost RM 0.80 and the cheapest you'll still can find is RM 0.50 if you're lucky.

The food I'm saying is called Hua Chee in Hokkien or direct translate it to English is Deep Fried Flower, as you can see from above picture we did not deep fried flower to eat it is just a name for the pastry, I'm not sure why it was call this way although it doesn't look like flower. Hua Chee are made of flour, yeast, sugar and top with sesame seeds. The pastry usually stick back-to-back or some what look like horse shoes, pony horse shoes and the taste usually a lil sweet also lil crunchy at the outside and soft, fluffy and moist inside.'s not the best Hua Chee I had but I'm satisfied with it. The textures a bit hard, not that oily, not that sweet as well, quite moist and fluff inside, less glossy but the color quite nice and by the time I bought it. it is quite cold already and this pastry have to be serve and eat during hot and warm. Oh ya it smell quite nice too although not strong.
I definitely Superb like this drink, it is call Yinyong (Cantonese), Yuenyang (Mandarin) and Cham Peng (Hokkien), it is coffee mix with tea and very famous drink in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Not everyone can come out with super nice Yinyong and this cafe really have good skill and good in making this drink, if I were to go there again, I definitely going to order this drink again! Oh ya Yinyong can be serve either hot or cold and both also very nice.

Moon and Moon cafe Yinyong really thick in textures, very strong of coffee and tea aroma, very creamy, both coffee and tea do not overpowering each other taste and smell and not too sweet as well. One thing that make it taste so awesome is they make it like Teh Tarik style, to know more about Teh Tarik please click here for more information. Maybe because of the technique that was used to make this drink, that's is why the drinks is so thick in textures and creamy also very bubbly as you can see from the picture, really really really is the awesome pawesome Yinyong I had throughout the years, even in Penang I couldn't find Yinyong that taste so nice. Worth the try! Or must I say, it is a Must to try?!
Chi's said Moon and Moon got sell Hokkien Mee which is Prawn Noodle that very famous in Penang and ask us to try it out, she's not sure whether it is nice or not as she really really really cannot stand lil bit of spicy food even Tandoori chicken she find it super spicy *roll eyes* but she did said that lots of people ordering it and their family members like it as well so tadaaa~ we gave it a try.

It really taste nice although slightly different from our Penang Hokkien Mee. In Penang, we don't have mint leaves, we don't have roasted pork unless request and not many stall have roasted pork as additional ingredients and we don't have medium size prawn - we replace it with dried shrimp or well know as Udang Kering or Heh Bee in Hokkine, soak for overnight. Here they don't have chili paste and deep fried onions or Bawang Goreng also hard boild egg but in Penang we have it. That's the different but worth the try because it's nice to eat despite all the differences, light of prawn aroma in the soup but they managed to pulled it up by cook it with more chili paste so the soup is quite thicken but not too overpowering the chili smell although it cause a lil but of saltiness in the soup. Overall the soup is not bad, roasted pork was ok but because of I left it quite behind that causes the textures become a lil bit soggy and the prawn I find it not so fresh already.
And here we have Curry Mee total different from Penang Curry Mee again but I'm not quite like it this time, quite disappointed with the food. In Penang we don't add lime juice in it, we don't have mint leaves, and we don't have fish cakes. We have mix vermicelli and noodle in Penang but Moon and Moon cafe Curry Mee stall just have vermicelli, one thing we have in common is Tau Pok/Tau Foo Pok/Deep Fried Bean Curd. It's very watery, did not have any of coconut milk taste, did not have the taste of spiciness, don't have the aroma of the Curry Mee like in Penang, don't have extra chili paste for their customers as well. The Curry Mee was lacking in every single parts in ingredients to cooking and skills, never underestimate a bowl of awesome Curry Mee in Penang as it require many skills and preparation besides fresh ingredients.

And the address is...
1, Hala Pasir Pinji 2, Pasir Putih 31650 Ipoh Town, Perak.

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