Moo Cow Yogurt @ Gurney Paragon

Original Flavors with Strawberry Jam and Almond
Actually I had tried this yogurt since last year and just currently plan to post regarding about it, truth is I have too many things want to post but I never do it on time, please blame it on my laziness keep postponing it. Last year, I went it for a try with Boyf after saw many of people post it in Facebook.

Above was our shared portion, too full for each cup per person. We go for Original flavor than Seasonal flavors, first time to try of course need to go original so we can know how nice it is. Original flavor cost RM 9.90 with one free topping while Seasonal flavors cost RM 10.90 with No Free topping. Since we have one free topping and we find we need to add something more in our yogurt so we chose to add another one topping, strawberry jam it is, I scared it will taste sour that's why go for something sweet and our free topping is Almond, both of us are Almond lovers. That yogurt cost us RM 10.90, ohya for additional topping it just cost RM 1.00 no matter what topping you choose.

I quite like the yogurt actually, cold enough, the textures also stiff, creamy, not too sweet nor too sour, the taste also very nice but one thing that hold me back for more good review is the portion a bit smaller than other yogurt stall like Tutti Fruti and Fruuze. Unlike Tutti Fruiti self service, they will serve you from yogurt part to topping, so there is no weighting for the yogurt price, the price is fixed.
They also offer cup, cone even they are selling tub of the yogurt whether in Original flavor or Seasonal flavor.
Above are our cup pic and there is few cute animals as their mascots, the display mascot in their shop is Mamalia, one big size mamalia at their shop. Their interior design of the shop looks like in country side farm house, I really like the way how they come out with the idea because I find it really nice to hang around with friends, very relaxing environment, is like once you step in you're in the shop, your burden or stress is being lift off from your shoulder.

And their address is...
Lot G02, Level 1, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney 10250, Penang.

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