Homecook Japanese Curry and Carrots Steamed Egg

Jjang! I have always love Japanese curry although I'm not a big fans of Japanese cuisine but there is still few selected food I love, mostly fully cooked and not chewy food such as raw Salmon, scallops, squib, and so on also definitely no beef as I'm allergy to it, so I've always go for crabstick, chicken, egg bean curd as long it is cook then I'll eat.I have always craving for Japanese so I decided to cook one for my family - myself, MummyQ and Boyf for dinner. Here's the ingredients needed;
Chicken Breast (Cut into cube size)
Potatoes (Cut into cube size)
Carrots (Cut into cube size)
A Packet of Japanese Curry (Any brands but I use Golden Curry as there is label stated the spicy level)
Cooking Oil

Cooking Tools needed is;
Cutting Board
So, here's how, simple one from me;
1) Heat the Wok
2) Pour selected amount of oil in it
3) Slightly Stir Fried the chicken breast until half cook
4) Pour in an amount of water into the wok together with the chicken in it
5) Boiled, put in the curry paste then slightly stir it until dissolve
6) Put in cut into cube size potatoes ans carrots
7) Slightly stir it frequently to avoid the base got burn and stick around the wok
8) Let it boil for awhile more then it is ready to serve.

Note: If you want the curry thicken, cook it longer and vice versa. 
Second is Chinese Steamed Egg, somewhat like Japanese Chawanmushi but slightly different as we do not mix with stocks or water or maybe a small spoonful of water, but it's less soft and bouncy like Chawanmushi - Chawanmushi the textures usually like Jelly. Ingredients needed is:
3 eggs
Shredded Carrots

Cooking Tools needed:
Chopsticks (To mix the mixture)

How to:
1) Cracks the eggs into the bowl (I removed one egg yolk #health conscious)
2) Put in shredded carrots into the bowl as well
3) I added a bit salt and a spoonful of water
4) Mix it well then cook it into steamer.

Note: No.3 is optional, I added salt for more taste and a spoonful of water to make more soft. I also don't have a steamer so use traditional way, a wok filled with water, put a divider, after water was boiled, put the eggs mixture bowl on top of the divider and cook it.

So tadaaaaa~you have simple homecook meal to eat together with your family. I don't really know how to cook so I usually only cook those that's easy to cook unlike Boyf, his skill better better than mine. Simple and healthy meal to enjoy for the day.

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