Full House Cafe @ Penang Times Square

Is Full House!
I bet almost everyone know about it already, and this is their entrance, nice right? 
This is where the restaurant impress so so much! Is like you're in one big mansion hallway and I totally can imagine every girl have their princess dream to walk down the staircase to hallways with their evening gown or wedding dress and hand their diligent hand to their partner and dance around the hallway romantically. I can understand why girl like to dine at there and some even held their wedding dinner at here. Is like a dream come true. If it is my house, I'm going to bring in lots of furkids to accompany me, damn big and definitely you're going to feel lonely  living in a big house alone and it is dangerous and scary.
Next, this is Tiffany! Who will always welcome you with open arms.
Next next is their famous, well known classical wedding car at their display restaurant, ain't it look elegant? 
Ok, done with restaurant interior introduction now let's move to foods section. Both glasses of drinks was me and Boyf  drinks, I ordered Full House Special Ice Blended - Vanilla, Dragon Fruit and Strawberry Vanilla Ice Blended and Boyf ordered Ice Korean Lemon Citron. I'm quite satisfied with my drinks, blended well, presentation was nice, taste nice as well, not too watery or thick in textures but the vanilla smell I find it a bit light, I personally prefer it smell stronger as it really bring aromatic smell and open up your appetizer, while Boyf drinks left him as big big disappointment, really too bland like drinking plain water with slightly citrus smell and it taste just exactly normal lemon drinks, nothing to special about it.
Boyf Smoothies-Fruities Fish, it is Pan-Fried butter fish with passion berries fruit reduction and sun dried tomatoes. Boyf find it quite sweet to his liking and the portion is quite small for him since he have really big appetite person but good thing is the fish is fresh and juicy also presentation was nice as well.
I ordered Wok-Sear Chicken Chop, mine is grilled chicken tight served with Mash Potatoes, daily vegetables and Black Pepper Raisin Sauce. I found that my portion was quite big and shared it with Boyf, the vege was quite bitter and I did not finish it after took a bite, mash potatoes was quite ok but a bit cold to my liking and the a bit chewy for me, I prefer if they could even remove the bones as well because I personally find it very hard to eat at times, the meats was not so tender as I though and not juicy as well, I assume probably the meats that that fresh, no offend just my personal opinion. Black pepper sauce does not taste a lil spicy but sweet instead maybe because of the raisin? I prefer both was well balance. Overall it was editable.
Jing's ordered Pan-Sear Dory Fish, it comes with Siew Bak Choy, sauteed with Shitake Mushrooms and Lemon Grass Cream. I didn't taste Jing's meal, actually we're too hungry to forgotten to share each other meals but later she did said her meal tasted not bad but she did mentioned the vege taste a bit bitter and over cook.

Like I said overall was ok, it may overrated than it seems.

For address, event, menu, service, promotions and contact please click here, thank you.

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