FarmHoue Porridge Steamboat @ Taman Piji Seni

It is almost and en for both of us to stayed in Ipoh after months, before we really end it we headed to porridge steamboat which is quite famous in Ipoh and also nearby where we stayed, we don't about the shop until recommended by Chi's and her Boyfriend Daniel and together we go with Jing's after arrangement of time and date. We arrived there pretty early and we're the only customers at that time, the worker's and boss (I assume) are preparing the setting and foods, they also greeted us friendly welcome to their restaurant.  We were guided to our table setting depend on how many person, total we have 5 so we were seated in bigger round table. The interior for the restaurant is very simple, homey feel, tidy, clean and pleasant.

They offer few sets of dishes for you to choose from the menu and we ordered two difference kind of set which I already forgotten the name and the price but for sure the price is affordable and the ingredients is quite fresh, for reference you can see above and below picture. One set is full of seafood and another set is all about frozen food, there are also other add-on side dishes inside the menu if you wish to add something extra inside your porridge steamboat, we ordered some side dishes as extra such as minced chicken meat and pork also You Char Koay/Chinese Bread Stick. For more information regarding You Char Koay please click here, and it is a good companion to eat together with porridge and for Cantonese people dipping You Char Koay in porridge is something traditional to have for breakfast and it is a must else, you;ll feel something is lacking.
For the porridge part you also have to pay for it, it's not free but the price is quite reasonable per person and if I'm not mistaken the porridge is free flow. The porridge definitely is Cantonese style of porridge which I'm okay with it though I'm not Cantonese, Boyf is Cantonese so does Chi's, Jing's and Daniel so of course is their way. I'm not choosy when it comes to food as long as it is nice to eat unlike MummyQ who is Nyonya, which have their style of porridge, she definitely hate Cantonese style of porridge. Okie dokie, enough of my blabbing, back to main topic. The porridge is finely cook, the textures neither too watery nor thick and it is bland but once you place the ingredients inside to cook, slowly it will become strong in flavor and sweet, the longer it is the better the taste is. The porridge was serve it claypot, it is a believe that claypot is the best cooking tools if you want your food to taste good and it helps in maintaining the food warm. It is our cultural to add sesame oil into our porridge to taste good yet it is good for our health especially those that having windy tummy as it helps to release the gas.
Tadaaa~we're ready to eat! We place mostly frozen food first then only seafood, well it's up to you which you want to cook it first, because we're super hungry that's why we place frozen food inside first. It is something that really fulfilling your tummy as there is carb, proteins and so on, everything is in a big bowl of porridge, it's extremely nice to eat especially during raining season, it's really help warming up our body. So I would say that it is worth to try it out!

And their address is...
No.51, Laluan Pinji Seni 4, Taman Pinji Seni, 31650 Ipoh, Perak.

Their operating hours is...
Monday - Thursday - 5pm - 10.30pm
Friday - Saturday - 5pm - 11.30pm
Sunday - 4pm - 10.30pm
Closed on every Tuesday.

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