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Another favorite spot we like when we was Uni student, Perak very famous for Pan Mee and the first time I had my Pan Mee also from Kampar, Perak as I never have it in Penang and rarely seen in Penang. Pan Mee as MummyQ said is Hakka style noodle and we did not prepare it home as well because MummyQ is Nyonya, Pan Mee is Flat Flour Noodle are made with just flour and egg then flatten the dough later cut it into smaller pieces or noodle, Pan Mee can be serve either in soup or dry and well like to have it during afternoon and night.

Above picture is to show us the procedure of eating Pan Mee from one step to another step.
These is the topping set on the table, you can add whatever you wish into your noodle according to your like, from the tray we have Pepper, Soy Sauce, Dried Chili Powder Paste, Cut Chili Padi/Bird Eye Chili, Chili Paste and Toothpick.
This is Soya with Leung Fun or Grass Jelly, I find it not really nice soon we change it Honey Milk or Longan Milk which has become our favorite drink up till now, and we frequently make it at home.
This is meatballs with vegetables soup ordered my Lime's as she lost it very much and shared it with us and I only ate once as I'm not a fans of meatballs, overall it is really nice but kinda thirsty at the end maybe because of too much of Monosodium Glutamte as seasoning but the meatballs really bouncy and juicy and the size of the meatballs quite big as well and the portion also kinda big for a person, luckily it was shared among us.
This is my favorite Pan Mee in Face 2 Face, House Specialty Pan Mee (Dry) and you can choose the noodle type - Pinch, Mee Sua, Thin and Thick, I already forgotten which noodle I chose either thin or thick.
Pan Mee usually come together with minced pork, mushrooms, vegetables (mostly leafs part), spring onions and deep fried anchovies. While Dry Pan Mee will be added Black Soy Sauce, the soy sauce play an important part for the noodle to taste good, it mustn't be too salty, too sweet or too bland, to lil or too watery, it must be well blend, same goes to soup part, the soup main ingredients shall be pig bones and dried anchovies to bring the sweetness and flavoring of the soup.

As you can see from above picture, dry Pan Mee served with minced pork, fried onions, deep fried anchovies, spring onions and poached egg. All the ingredients have to mix together with the noodle and one thing very important for those who like spicy, it is a must to add dried chili sambal for extra taste and of course I added a lot because I love spicy food! But don't add too much as it will cause everything become salty, it have to be added 1-3 1/2 spoons and not more than that from my personal opinion. And all I will say is NICE! but the portion is too big for me.

I also tried soup version but I prefer dry and I did tried out their Sichuan Piquant Pan Mee as well and taste not bad but a but salty also not so spicy, so end up I choose Dry version every time I go eat Pan Mee at Face 2 Face.

While Bof like Traditional Sarawak Noodle or well known as Kolok Mee in Sarawak. It's like Wan Tan Mee but slightly different, Wan Tan Mee mix with Black Soy Sauce while Kolok Mee plain in color, they have slices meats while our is Wan Tan/Dumpling, in Wan Tan Mee also don't have minced meats and spring onions and bean sprout. The only one ting er have in common is Char Siew. I already forgotten how it taste like as I only ate a spoonful of it that's it! but I guess it's nice as Boyf really like it, As me I always said want to try it but every time the mouth ordered Dry Pan Mee although the brain set it to ordere Kolok Mee =.="

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