East Ocean Restaurant @ Eastlake, Kampar

I never really went to Fine Chinese Restaurant to eat except during wedding dinner or big celebration such as Birthday celebration or during New Year, in Kampar, I really experience it first time just went in to these kind of restaurant just to have dinner more over the place I stay only have mostly Mamak food at night and very few Chinese food for dinner, no choice but headed to the restaurant but lucky enough they have prepare a menu specially only for students - budget one, price start from RM 6.00 - RM 15.00 so we really can afford it with split bill with friends, usually with my housemates. I am still amused by myself that we went to dined at there with just big shirt, sandals and pajamas short pants, well student life, I've never wearing something so over simple to dined at places like that.

 Ok, enough about my blabbering. Above picture is Claypot Tofu and we usually asked for Japanese Tofu which is more soft, silky smooth and smell good. I like tofu and definitely we will order one no matter what types is it, 1) I like it and 2) Mei's have her braces on so unable to  eat chewy food. We had been dined at there for about 1 1/2 year so actually there is a lot of foods we ordered before but I only took all these photos just right after we finished our second last paper for the very last semester as an undergraduate to celebrate my birthday. About Claypot Tofu, it gravy type of tofu, you can ask for Chinese tofu or Japanese tofu, it have yam, baby corn, broccoli, carrots, shrimp, mushrooms and some other vegetables, for this dish, everything must be well cook and fresh ingredients must be use and the most important part in this dish is the tofu quality and the gravy must be well blend. I can say this dish is nice, everything was well balanced, gravy that was given also a lots same goes to the ingredients.
This was my all time favorite, Sam Wong Tan (Cantonese) while in English is Three types of Steam Eggs, Sam is 3/three, Wong is King and Tan is Egg so direct translate is Three King Eggs. In Penang, I find it is very hard to find people selling this dish so now I really miss it badly! The ingredients is really simple, only three ingredients needed - normal egg, century egg and salted duck egg, with a lil bit of water, salt and pepper into mixing it then steam it, after cook then pour in mix soy sauce, sprinkle some spring onions and deep fried onions, serve! I really like their SWT,  really soft, silky smooth and melts in your mouth, really suitable for those wearing braces and elderly people, the egg really have strong flavorful smell, it doesn't taste too sweet nor too salty, everything was well balanced. Egg lover will definitely love this dish very much!
This is Sweet And Sour Pork, the most easiest food to order when we're out of idea which or what to order as everyone love this dish even small children. If you don't want pork, you can request for fish and chicken instead so no worry, for this dish the meat was cut into bite size pieces then deep fried it, then stir fried it with sugar, ketchup, white vinegar, soy sauce with added ingredients such as corns, pineapple, onions, yellow, red and green pepper/capsicum and smashed tomatoes. I would say it is just average but the meat is easily to bite so good point for that, it is not too sweet as well because I find some chef's cook it very sweet which I don't like it and I find it is just spoil the dish.
I definitely don't know vegetables is this as Chi's and the rest ordered it, one thing must on table when dine with the Cunning Gang is vegetable while me only eat selected vegetable and Boyf totally anti-vegetables person so I never really tasted it so no comment.
Gravy Stuffed Tofu with Fish Paste, I ate the broccoli and weird enough it is so fresh, taste sweet, juicy and easy to bite as well, gravy part I think should be okay as I get to taste a bit of it through the stuffed tofu with dish paste but the stuffed tofu really nice even without the gravy I think it will be fine as well and sadly one person only have one no extra! As you can see from above it only have five pieces for only 5 of us, Boyf love it so much that he ate half of mine which left another half size for me *hmph/pissed off* however I still able to recall it back but not vividly as the egg, personally I very sensitive to fish smell, it is too stroong I'll go dizzy and feel like vomiting, so I really salute to those chef's that able to get rid of the smell same goes to fish ball and fish paste also fish meat. It is soft, bouncy and juicy also it was well balanced, it doesn't taste salty and fishy smell as well, another good point for them.
Butter Prawn, a lil bit out of budget, first time order something so extravagant for lunch also birthday meal but all of us split the bill including the birthday girl me, well we was still students so everyone are very understanding and I'm very thankful to have them as my friends. The size was really big and very strong aromatic smell of the fresh prawn and butter smell, although I'm allergy to prawn but I finally found out that as well as I did not touch the shell or consume the shell intake too much, I at least can eat up to 3-4 even 5! of prawns but of courser later I have to drinks lots of water to clear it. The prawn really sweet because of its freshness. very juicy as well when you bite it you can feel the bounciness, the sweetness taste of the prawn plus a lil bit of saltiness of the butter, is one perfect combination and the most simple dish yet skillful cookey required besides fresh ingredients.
Overall of the dishes on our table, last meal at East Ocean Restaurant.
We also ordered soup but the big claypot was at another table because our table was already full with dishes but the waiter/waitress will serve us by spooning the soup into our small bowl and serve us what a good service huh although we are just students ordering from students budget menu. They have their daily offer and a lots of soup to choose from and I love soup, I even can have several bowl of it especially when it was serve hot! Above picture Winter Melon Soup, it was boil with Wolfberry/Goji, Winter Melon itself, Pork Ribs and of course salt and pepper for seasoning. This soup is good to drinks during hot weather or having body heat as it will help to cool it down and good to drinks when having fever. I would say everything was well balanced but it will cause a lil of thirst later on because of Monosodium Glutamate that was use for seasoning, there was winter melon smell and its sweetness plus pork ribs sweetness and slightly aroma of cooked meat, not too salty nor spicy so every was good. I would say 2 bowls wasn't enough for me, at least 4-5 bowls or one big bowl for me.
If you reach early during their offering day, they might as well give you free desserts depend on what they prepare for the day, we had fresh fruits before and above picture is simple dessert soup with egg white, ingredients to cook it is quite simple, just 4 main ingredients needed Pandan leaves/Pandanus, rock sugars, egg whites and water the slow cook it. That's it! It can be serve hot or cold as well, it'll look shiny and silky and slightly thicken textures. It is easily to cook by everyone even not pro in preparing desserts.

East Ocean is very famous at Ipoh as well and have few branches and the latest newest branch is at Kampar, Perak.

And the address is...
33A, 35, 36, Jalan Perdana, Taman Kampaar Perdana, 31900 Kampar, Perak.

Another address is...
No 1-7, Hala Perusahaan Menglembu 17, 31450 Menglembu, Perak.

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