DIY Tissue Box

Ok, my room is in the mess of everything, too many things to unpacked, clean, rearrange and throw after finished my studies and it took me a year to clear everything Gosh! Now everything is in order and I found that I don't have tissue box for my tissue roll and I'm lazy to go out to shop plus Chinese New Year is around for sure every seller will increase price so I decided to go for D.I.Y since my room have so many small empty boxes after unpacked. This D.I.Y Tissue Box was done back in February and recently only I blog about it, sorry for the delay. =p

What you will need...
Color Papers
Recycle Color Papers
Recycle Small Box
Scotch Tape
Crystal Glue (UHU)/Glue Gun/Glue
Tissue Roll
Some Accessories for Decoration
Alphabet Stencil Trace
Market Pen
1 -  Wrap the box with the color according to your like or festive season. (I chose Orange and Yellow because it is almost Chinese New Year that time or you can choose Red or Green or White for Christmas time)
2 - Glue it with Scotch tape/Chrystal Glue (UHU) or glue.
3 - Cut out the excess of the paper or fold it inside the box, glue or tape it.
4 - Use recycle paper to fold a small fan then glue it on top of the box cover. While I use Scotch tape as you can see from the picture (glue was running out at that time)
5 - Uses some accessories for decoration, since it is Chinese New Year, I use red mini fold fans and some fake old Chinese gold or called as Gold Mountain. Glue it on the box.
5 - To avoid anyone to throw away or being busy body try to look what is inside the box, use Alphabet Stencil Trace, Marker Pen and recycle color paper to trace/draw out the words of "Tissue Box" words and glue it on the front box. 

And tadaaaaa~you'll have environment friendly tissue box to use already and if Christmas is coming, tear it off and replace it with Christmas color and decoration. Recycle - Save Money - Get a nice tissue box for decoration in room =)

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