Cendul Wawasan @ Bercham

Jing's mum told her recently there's famous Cendul around their housing area, so she asked us want to try it out or not since we're in Ipoh, and so we answered why not because at the same we're looking for something cold to chill ourselves since the weather is so hot. We're not sure where is it and we're driving around to find, funny thing is the cart is just beside to the road leading to her house, she's an Ipoh people yet she don't know about it some more just around her housing area.

We parked our car at the road shoulder and walked to the cart which just few steps away, we noticed there is many customers lining up and surround the cart, as you can see from above picture and I have to make way and squeeze between the customers to order our Cendul, the weather was so hot that its burned my burn and I felt the pain but insist in waiting as we was so curious how good it is.

By the way, Cendul is a traditional shaved ice and is very famous in Singapore and Malaysia (especially Melaka and Penang). Cendul commonly sell on the roadside by vendors using cart but these days it can be found at food courts as well. The dessert ingredients basically are Coconut Milk, Green Jelly Noodle (made from rice flour, pandan leaves/pandanus) and a lil bit of food coloring), finely Shaved Ice, Palm Sugar and Red Beans, some vendors even offer more selection such as Glutinous Rice, Cream Corn, Nata De Coco, Ice Cream and so on.
Above picture are the menu, simple one but there are a lot more selection than Penang, in Penang there is only Cendul, no extra ingredients like this one. Having there is much more cheaper as the take away will extra charge for RM 0.50.
We had our take away as we cannot stand the super hot weather, the heat and get burn under the sun, more over Jing's hate to get darker even though she is fair like a ghost. We went to Jing's house to eat as it is near to her house and the portion is so large that we regretted each of us bought a packet.
It was famous around Bercham area but certainly not as best as Penang cendul and Melaka cendul yet. Three of us agreed that it is not so nice as what we heard of and Jing's especially regretted it the most, I forgotten what Jing's and Boyf ordered, but Boyf said his just okay while me just ordered the most basic and simple unlike them, I ordered Cendul Kacang. The color was pale that make it does look so appetizing, the shaved ice was rough, too much of coconut milk, green jelly was torn into small pieces and I personally prefer more soft textures of the red beans as I find it quit hard. I think is the coconut that spoiled the balance of overall, the coconut milk was really too much causing we unable to taste the palm sugar, as if we're drinking coconut milk itself with lil sweetness from the palm sugar. I think too many customers and handle everything by himself some more under super hot weather, that's it was messed up. Should give it another try when I drop by in future.

To read an article regarding Wawasan Cendul, please click here, thank you.

And the address is...
Located in front of Mobil Petrol Gas Station in Bercham, Perak.

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