Burger's @ Leandro's Road

Look nice isn't? Look tempting isn't? Look yummy isn't? Well what should I say then? Hhhmmm....
Don't get Fool by it!!!

Or should I say the worst burger I had so far? Totally unbelievable, even I simply homemade any burger still I can bet that I am 101% will win. Not I try to disgrace foods I never disgrace foods or offend the seller BUT can the seller PLEASE put more effort in preparing them?

The bread was hard to chew, very dry, the bread textures very hard as well also not fresh although there is a lil bit of bread smell but not aromatic enough.

Egg usually is the easiest ingredients to cook and it taste wonderfully even just simply boil it but how on earth this burger stall can come out with an egg that taste to bland and dry? Can anyone tell me why? I don't understand even I'm not a good cooker but when I cook eggs, the outcome never been like this before.

The meats was JUST OKAY, thanks to Ramly Burger Chicken Meat else I can't imagine how on earth both of us to finished it up for just one burger #I'm referring to myself and Boyf sharing the burger#. Luckily you're using Ramly's brand and not other brands. I don't know how to explain it, others burger stall using the same brand as well but how come they can come out with mouth watering burger and the meats is so moist and flavorful but this stall using the same brand but the meats lacks of flavors and a bit dry. Can tell me why as well?

Vege looks green but kinda dry and bitter not juicy at all.

Sauce, too stingy! Or can I say I almost unable to taste the tomato and chili sauce? If you don't want to give so much sauce then please make the meats more juicy! Else please give more tomato chili sauce! I even need to use my favorite tomato and chili sauce to spread on the burger to make it taste better.


And the address is...

mall lane connects to Kelawai Road and Burma Road (Just beside Bellisa Row Ambank)
Lorong Leandro's (off Burma Road), 10250, Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Business only start operate at night (around 8pm)

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