138 Corner Cafe @ Eastlake, Kampar

I miss delivery service, not fast food delivery such as Pizza Hutz or Domino's Pizza but a proper healthy meal being delivered to your house doorstep, such as fusion food and mamak food. More found a Boss and his coworkers that will try their super duper best to fulfilled their fussy, finicky, fastidious customers like us. You can even request something out from their menu and they'll help you to make it of course they will charge you accordingly, also I miss their endless list of Roti Canai/Flat Bread offer, fast and friendly service plus the food is fantabulous nice and cheap and the portion is big.

Above it Ribena/Blackcurrant with Lime, it is just so so nice but in Penang doesn't have it! WTF!!! so disappointed. If you feel like tasting weird drinks such as  Milo (Chocolate drinks) with Leung Fun/Grass Jelly also can or Teh Tarik with Leung Fun/Grass Jelly also can, whatever you request, they'll make it for you if they can. The BEST Service ever! So the drinks above the picture taste sweet and sour at the same time and the smell of blackcurrant and lime mixes well as well, is my all time favorite.
Above is Roti Arab with Cheese, which made of Roti Parantha/Pratha, spread with butter and top with cheese, just that simple. Parantha/Pratha is a flatbread originated from India, the wheat dough later pan frying  on a flat pan. Parantha/Paratha usually stuffed with vegetables, meats, potatoes and paneer which is one of Indian cheese I guess, more or less Parantha/Pratha is like sandwich, Asian style. Parantha/Pratha can be eaten even without any stuffed food in it, simply spread butter on top of it, sprinkle with salt then later warm it up or dip it in curry, ready to serve you tummy.

So Roti Arab with Cheese basically Parantha/Pratha (non-oily) spread with butter then pan fry it, top it with cheese, Mei's love it the most same goes to me as it taste a lil bit of saltiness, warm, very strong aromatic smell of the flour, and it is soft, good for late night snacks or not too heavy intake for breakfast or dinner. 138 also offer varieties of Roti Arab such as Pizza - Parantha/Patha as the based, spread with ketchup, tuna spread and cheese, even you wish to top with apple cinnamon, coleslaw, Durians, Nutella or jam, I always go for Pizza, Nutella, Orinigal and Cheese because those are the best!

Same go to Roti Canai (oily), you can request Fried Noodle/Mee Goreng wrap with Roti Canai, Murtabak, Roti Canai stuffed with Durians, Chocolate Powder, Condensed Milk, Nutella spread, Stuffed with Coleslaw, Egg, Sugar, Coconut jam/Kaya, Sardines fish, anything! As long as you request something doable they definitely make it for you.

Although their Roti Canai may not be the best yet but everything they offer worth the try, the flatbread was soft, less oily, thin in layer and not overcook same goes to the ingredients, everything was well cook although the color may not look good and turn you down but bet you wont regret eating it. Thinking of it makes me miss it so so much!
Another pictures of the food 138 offer, Maggie Goreng Pattaya, which fried noodle wrap with omelette top with decorating chili sauce. For you information Maggie is not a person name but a name to noodle that look wavy or spiral. If you wish just to have normal fried noodle also can or vermicelli or rice also can, it's up to your liking and we always go for Maggie as we love it so much! More over they use Indomie Mee Goreng! Indomie Mee Goreng is Malaysia favorite instant noodle, almost every household in Malaysia have at least a packet of it store in their kitchen cabinet. The different is they adjust the flavor a bit by lessen down the Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and added more of soy sauce, so everything is just perfect! But one must have skillful chef in cooking it as well although most of the main ingredients comes from the instant packet, such as handling the wok, fire and the skill of stirring it. Luckily they able to hired one.

Second picture on top of left picture is Nasi Lemak which I recommend everyone to try it but not to those who can't stand spicy food as their Sambal is quite spicy, I remembered when they first started their business, we just ordered drinks after and Roti Canai but we saw few guys seated beside our table was eating their Nasi Lemak and immediate their face turn red, start to sweat and keep drinking water. Curiosity kicks in and decided to order it the next time we visit so after few days, me, Boyf and Mei's decided to go have a try and we ordered it. Come to our surprise, the presentation was nice, the color was nice and the aroma smell of Nasi Lemak was strong as well, mixed the Sambal and the rice so we started to eat. WOW! That's damn spicy! but three of us like it very much as if the spiciness had stimulate us, the more we eat the more happy we are. Since that we often order their Nasi Lemak UNTIL one day after semester break, we visited again and found out that their Sambal not as spicy as it was so we asked the Boss why and he replied us with " Cannot la...too many students complained they can't take this level of spiciness especially from the states where they rarely eat spicy food, some even cannot finish the meal, and had stomach burned but we got some praises from students that can eat spicy food lo. So we need to adjust la...so everyone can eat, like this my business only won't go bankrupt  and closed down ma...so which one you prefer and where are you from? We replied "Previous one nicer but understand why, we're from Penang." Boss "Penang got lots of good food wor,,,can compare ah?" We replied "Yes."

Honestly I still prefer their old Sambal but Okay I understand that sometimes less is good also and current Sambal taste not bad as well although less spicy already. The textures was well balance, not too thick nor too watery, not too oily as well, the anchovies was well soak and marinated with the Sambal but not too soggy, not too spicy but still best advice to those who can't take spicy food and they freely give more Sambal if you requested without being stingy, of course the more the better if you want spicy food. If you wish for weird request like me and Boyf do for Nasi Lemak Goreng, they'll make it for you as well and man, I really miss it as Penang don't have it. And the rice was strong in coconut milk flavor yet not too overpowering and the rice as well very fluffy also the Pandunus/Pandan leaves smell when using it to cook the rice, really well cook and balanced.

At the last year of my University they only come up with Tom Yum and yes although it may not be the best yet but I still like it, the taste was acceptable although the color may look light. Tom Yum is one of Thailand dishes but it is widely served in Malaysia, Singapore, other Asian country and West, basically this is on international dish. Tom Yum have it spicy and sour taste and strong fragrant of herbs aroma in the soup or broth, the ingredients to cook Tom Yum soup is Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Lime Juice, Galangal (something like Ginger), Fish Sauce, Chili Padi/Bird Eye Chili (cut and pounded) while the ingredients to add in can be various, such as prawn, vegetables, fish, pork, chicken, seafood, or frozen food. 138 Tom Yum style was sour not spicy but if you wish for spicy, they'll add more Chili Padi into cook, ingredients was vegetable and chicken meat. Tom Yum can be serve together with noodle (Maggie/noodle/vermicelli) or with plain rice, both also I like it, if go for rice, usually I'll add another side dish which is Fried Onions Egg, Best yet Simple combination.

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Note: Although the owner is Chinese but all the food he offer is Halal so no worries.

And their address is...
55, Jalan Perdan 3, Taman Kampar Perdana, 31900 Kampar, Perak.
Operation Hours: 6pm -1.30am

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