Sin Kim San Cafe @ Rangoon Road

Many people go for Prawn Mee or Curry Fish Head when comes to Sin Kim San Cafe but definitely not me and Boyf, we have another food that we always hunt for and this foods also well love by my family and relatives even though they don't really like Western very much, they all are pretty much in typical Chinese style when comes to foods but this food change their mind a lil bit.

What food is that!!! It's PIZZA!!! It is Pizza that bake in open firewood oven - very traditional way. But it's really taste awesomely yummylicious although a bit oily, talking about this, make me salivating while typing for this post LOL. The business run by one old couple, and the auntie have really fair skin and beautiful skin despite her age #I assume already in her 60s-70s) yet look very young even without make-up, she even able to speak fluent English.

Ok, talk about the pizza now, except kinda oily - pretty much very oily, the Pizza is like the Best homemade Pizza I ever had. The dough is so soft, so moist, so fluffy, very tangy of the aromatic flour smell - Best point! Even taste lots better than Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza and U.S Pizza, in my personal opinion, one ultimately brings out the best Pizza besides the ingredients is how the Pizza dough is made. For firewood Pizza they homemade the dough using machine then hands to roll it into perfect mixture and before it is ready to put the ingredients on the dough they will roll it again to make it even soft with hands and their fermentation was just right for me.

Cheese and mayonnaise is given so much and it is so kind of them despite the price of the cheese is so expensive in Malaysia, as you see from the above picture that the Pizza is almost fully covered with cheese and mayonnaise and so much of it.

Ingredients almost the same like any other Pizza outlets whereby they also use pineapple from can and mushroom from can but they did mix it with fresh pineapple and mushroom, the chicken meat was nice, vey melting in your mouth, easy to chew on and of course same goes to tuna. I think this is their special tricks to make the pizza taste so good.

Although it is nice and lots of people become their loyal customers in just years after they started their business at there but the duration for your pizza to be serve you take quite a long time as they do it manually instead of using machine - since current technology to good - so it kinda delay a bit longer than others pizza stalls you can find in Penang. It may takes 1/2 - 1 1/2 hours to ready our pizza order but if you hated to wait for so long go there around 6.45 - 7.00PM and place your order, it should a lil bit faster, or call their mobile number to place your order then later only to pick it up, their mobile number is (012 - 4512354).

I personally recommend this!

And the price range is around RM 6.00 - RM 15.00.
This is an instant Tom Yum Noodle, they just using some Tom Yum paste and cook it with Chili Padi, although it look not so not appetizing as the color a bit too plain and they just Tom Yum but it taste not bad actually, super spicy and sweet! Thanks to the onions I guess because they really cook it with lots of peel onions. I seriously like the soup! You can choose your ingredients either to be seafoods such as prawn, fish, squib and so on or meats or fish balls and I chose fish balls, since fish balls is frozen foods and all taste almost the same so I don't have any comment in it. But the noodle a.k.a Maggie/spiral noodle, I have some comments about it.

The noodle kinda uncook when I took my first bite so I left it for awhile but then later it become too soft then it doesn't taste good at all and the noodle is like pieces stick together when it was uncook and overcook its so sticky. My advise is change to another brand or better quality brand noodle, else it won't attract many customers.
This is one Herbal Drinks I love, and I think it is only now available in Sin Kim San as now I seldom or rarely see other cafe sell it already. It doesn't taste bitter nor sweet or strong herbal smell, it just have everything in average standard and it is good to drink it when the weather is hot and it helps to cool down your body temperature, same goes to when you have high fever but avoid to drink it when the weather is cold or you have cough as it bring more negative effect to your health as having cold or create phlegm when you have cough.
At there, there's a lots of appetizer or snacks for you to munch on and I always love to order Loh Bak actually not me, it is Boyf  who love it. Loh Bak is one of Penang favorite and basically it is one of Nyonya dishes, it is minced meats marinated with five spices season, then roll in very thin soybean sheets later deep fried it, usually it is serve with thick and sticky broth/sauce that mix up with beaten eggs white for you to dip and it also comes with special chili sauce.

Loh Bak is not all about minced meat with five spices and thin layer of soybean sheets, you can even choose deep fried beancurd a.k.a taukua, century eggs, Kunyit a.k.a turmeric powder deep fried stingray, sausages, taiwan sausages and so on. So choose what you like and each just cost RM 0.60 - RM 1.00 depend on what you choose. Both of us always goes to Taiwan sausages, Loh Bak, Taukua and Century Egg.

Fyi, there is TWO stalls selling Loh Bak and only one that we personally thinks it much more worth it and taste better, the one that doesn'y worth it is the one selling together with Grilled Fish a.k.a Ikan Panggang stall. The one that we frequently order is at the middle of the entrance where beside it selling pastries.
Economy Set Rice
Another food me and Boyf always order is this easy peasy meal that only cost RM 4.00 - RM 5.50, it is one big portion of rice with chicken meats and egg and lil bit special soy sauce then tadaaaa it's ready! The stall have varieties of choices for you to choose - 2 different taste, sweet and sour, kung po, kam heong, black pepper and so on, the uncle also have menu of the day so do check it out as it is different from day to day or week to week. Yup the stall run by one uncle, so do spare him if your foods is late as he alone do all the top to toe works. Some may not like it as it is really too simple easy peasy food yet have to wait but for me I definitely love this because it is nice to eat and simple and really make you full!

The rice is ok, not too sticky or too hard to eat but definitely is not branded rice as the rice aroma really really light even it is serve warm/hot. Deep friend just like any other deep fried egg but it was sprinkle with some soy sauce on it - back to childhood time. Above picture is Black Pepper Chicken - the meat is soft, easily to bite as well but not really moist, kinda a bit dry but the balck pepper is not hot just sweet so I recommend to order something sweet and sour and so on so you won't have big disappointment. But the chicken kinda oily because it was deep fried then stir fried it with sauces. Though it sound really unhealthy food but healthy food always taste nice right? I think it is worth to try out if you like something cheap, rice, simple meal yet the portion is big.

There is still many other stalls selling good foods so do drop by there and explore it by yourself.

And their address is...
No. 1, Rangoon Road, 10400, Georgetown, Penang.

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