Roti Canai @ Transfer Road

In Malaysia, Roti Canai or Flat Bread if famous and you can find it everywhere, Penang has it all and Penangites love Roti Canai for our breakfast and supper, you can find Roti Canai in Penang either, small stall besides street, food court or Mamak's restaurants. Roti Canai comes with varieties of choices depends on the seller, for an example street food Roti Canai basically is original, cheese, onions, or eggs while for Mamak's restaurants the varieties may extend to Sardines, Paper-Tissue Roti or well known as Roti Tissue, Noodles wrap with Roti Canai, Chocolate Roti Canai and so on even they have their special menu.

Penangites mostly will recognize this simple stall selling Roti Canai and many claims that it is the Best Roti Canai, of course I ate it before when I was still lil kids and I really love it. For me all Roti Canai is almost the same, the different is how well they mix the ingredients, the freshness, tenderness, moisture.

Above picture is my order, same portion with Boyf. The Roti Canai look appetizing and well cook, but kinda oily to my like. All Roti Canai is oily of course but you can lessen the level of oil when cook it as the raw bread already oily. The ingredients mix very well, very aromatic #when hot/warm# because its freshness, not so tender as quite chewy but soft in textures and moist. You can even order your Roti Canai Banjir (flooded flatbread) as they will pour lots of curry on your Roti Canai like really flooded but it easily get soggy so it depends on your personal liking as well. As for me both also I like it.
Of course eaating Roti Canai must comes with Hot Teh Tarik. Teh Tarik is one of the famous beverage in Malaysia or called it pull tea as we really using 2 mugs to pull the tea long and high to make it smell and taste awesome! The ingredients is simple, tea #good tea# and evaporated milk or condensed milk but for making this drinks besides goods ingredients one's must be skillful.

I really like their Teh Tarik as it is very thick in textures, creamy, very very aromatic and not too sweet. I had two glasses hot Teh Tarik and one take away cold Teh Tarik!
For Roti Canai it is either you can dip with sugar or curry and usually kids will go for sugar and adults will go for curry. Basically they will offer, Chicken Curry, Fish Curry, Dhal, and Mutton Curry. We always go for Chicken Curry, and to be honest their curry is worth to try for! And they're famous for it's Mutton Curry but since I'm allergy to mutton so only chicken is my only choice.

The curry really open your appetite as it is really aromatic and very strong in flavors. The curry comes with the meats but the how many you want it's up to you and I ordered two pieces of chicken meats. Apparently their presentation might turn off your appetite as it is quite messy. It is spicy and have their own uniqueness of flavors, at the end of the meal you jump off because of its spiciness but since I love spicy foods a lot so there's no problem for me although it really heat me up in my stomach and feel my lips had swollen. The chicken meats also easily ripped of as it was cook to its perfect tenderness, the meats still moist and juicy.

As for hygiene part, it is not really hygiene and clean environment but it won't cause you to have food poisoning as the business run at small side walker besides main street where vehicles such as buses, cars and so on passes by the stall, to run the business in a small area really hard especially it is super crowded and you might accidentally touch other's sticky skin (referring to sweats) and sit side by side with total strangers and the environment really not so clean but you can take away and eat it at home.

Everyday it is crowded by the customers especially weekend and it is really hard to find parking so you need to park your vehicles quite far away and walk to the stall and very limited seats so you have to wait for the seats, Roti Canai service is fast but the beverage service might slow and sometimes you need to constantly remind the waiters. As for price wise, it is really expensive to my personal opinion, 4 chicken meats, 2 pieces of Roti Telur (Egg Flatbread) and 2 pieces of original flatbread cost us around RM 15 that's exclude our beverage.

And their address is...
56, Jalan Tranfer, 10050, Georgetown, Penang.
Business hours - 6.30am - 1.00pm/ 3.30pm - 7.00pm

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