Pusat Makanan Kam Wan a.k.a Tung Koo Teng (Mushroom Hut) @ Ipoh Garden

Ipoh, Perak have one famous food court called Tung Koo Teng (cantonese) or well known as Mushroom Hut and every families in Ipoh will dine at there especially weekend. I went there once with friends then the following we #me and Boyf# go by ourselves after we get to know how to go there and we frequently dine at there during our stay at Ipoh for 5 months.

Unlike Penang, Ipoh have many stalls selling Ai Yoo Ping or Chrystal Clear Herbal Jelly or well known as Oh Geo in Penang. The Herbal jelly added with Lime or Lemon juice, syrup and ice then ready to serve. t is good to eat it when the weather is extremely hot as it helps to cool down our body and prevent us from falling sick, Oh Geo is one traditional dessert that hardly can be found in Penang but Ipoh, Perak still have several stalls selling it and it just cost RM 2.00 - RM 2.50 for one big bowl of Oh Geo.

Above picture is our Ai Yoo Ping and it look a bit yellow in color as the jelly was added with a bit of food coloring in it. And I really like it very much! Not too sweet and refreshing.
All these pictures I compile and make it in one post so please bear it in mind for long post! I'll try my best to make it short possible.

Above is the Char Koay Teaw that I ordered from one of the stall and it look almost exactly like Penang Char Koay Teaw but of course Penang Char Koay Teaw still is the Best! What I can say is this is the most acceptable and nice to eat Char Koay Teaw in Perak without weird added ingredients such as Sambal and Lime juice. Not that oily, the prawn was fresh but the beans sprout a bit too raw to my liking, the koay teaw textures thickness a bit thick compared to Penang koay teaw. The chef a bit lack of skill when fried the koay teaw as you can see from the picture, the koay teaw had became small pieces or should I say the length had became short and it will cause the koay teaw become lacking in its textures and the flavor.
I remembered the second visit by ourselves for the first time, I ordered Nasi Lemak from a Malay stall, Nasi Lemak is one of Malaysia significant meal either from morning, afternoon or night as our meal. Nasi Lemak direct translate in English term is Fat Rice but bear in mind that it doesn't content much fat in the meal, Lemak or Fat is refer to the gravy/curry that the textures is thick and cook with creamy coconut milk but nowadays for better health, it was replace with full cream milk, creamy we often refer it lemak in Malaysia and lemak  comes from Bahasa Malaysia.

Nasi or rice usually will be cook together coconut milk/full cream milk and Pandan leafs or well known as Pandanus Amaryllifolius. The curry or gravy are cook with blended chilies, shallots, garlic, shrimp paste and tamarind juice, and deep fried anchovies. The sambal tends to taste from spicy to mild spiciness and it is important how well the sambal is prepare and cook else it could ruin the whole meal besides the sambal, the rice play important part as well.

Above picture Nasi Lemak complete with rice, curry, slices of cucumbers, groundnuts, crackers, anchovies, egg and I added extra chicken drumstick in my meal. Although this meal complete with everything from top to bottom but it's not impressive though, just acceptable to eat and at the acceptable price range.

The rice is not aromatic and lemak enough but the fluffiness of rice is perfect. Sambal anchovies also less aromatic, flavorful, less spiciness and lemak same goes to the chicken drumstick. The egg was well cooked but a bit lack of flavoring and aroma of fresh cook egg as the egg was cold, same goes to the sambal and the chicken drumstick but the rice was warm enough. The chicken drumstick does not taste as tender as the picture shown above and a bit dry also a bit chewy. But the meal is still acceptable and affordable to eat with.
Usually after our meal and we still fell hungry, we'll order Loh Bak to eat. For more details of Loh Bak, please click here to read my other post regarding about Loh Bak. I've been longing to eat it ever since I stay in Ipoh, Perak because hardly to be found in Ipoh, Perak, based on my observation and I found it at here, since it is both our favorite therefore we definitely order it to eat.

As usual we will order loh bak, fried taukua, and century eggs. These three dishes is a must on our plate and we added another dish on our plate depends on what we feel like to eat at that time.  Since the selection is limited from the stall and Boyf  like to eat Shrimp Deep Fried Pancake, therefore we order one.as you can see from above picture. And we really like it, we found it actually it is nice to eat than we expected it, since it is not from Penang, not disappointed at all, worth to try. Although the dishes is not ans can be compare to Penang Loh Bak but the gravy is really disappointing though it looks nice, I did not take the gravy picture as I forgotten about it. But you can actually eat it just like that without dipping the gravy, that's why I did not take picture of it.
The food court actually have one stall of famous Claypot Chicken Rice, and I see a lots of people ordering despite the long waits so I also gave it a try, I went earlier to ordered so I can avoid the long waits and this is  how it looks like after mix it. For more information about the ingredients and how's the preparation please click here and here to read my previous post about it.

It's really nice to eat, no wonder many people willing to wait for it, did not disappoint me at all and the portion pretty big for one person but luckily I'm super hungry at that time after work and managed to finished it all alone. The rice was aromatic and fluff, well cooked as well, not over cook nor under cook. I don't really like Chinese sausage in thick slices  as the smell will overpowering other foods but they slice it thinly and roughly minced chopped it so it really help balance to taste and flavor of the claypot chicken rice. The sauce really mixes well although they did not give much of the sauce to mix with the rice but the amount of the sauce provided really enough to bring out overall of the claypot chicken rice smell. But I don't quite like the way the chicken is prepared. The bones was not separated from the meats and the skin is not ripped off as well. I found it difficult to eat it, not that I lazy to ripped the meats using spoon and folk but the small pieces of bones was in there as well and frequently fall into biting the small pieces of bones and a lil of the skin vein of the chicken. Other than that everything is fine and worth trying it out.
I like Satay too, we ordered and tried it as well and again please click here for more information on how Satay is prepared. The sizes of the meats really big and well marinated although there's burn on the meats but it's ok as it does not spoil the meats flavor. Worth the wait to filled in our stomach but the price was a bit over expensive than what it suppose to although the meats portion quite big but the amount is a bit few as it's less than half of the sticks. Satay must be dip with peanuts curry gravy to complete overall what's Satay for but I'm a bit disappoint with the gravy, it is too sweet, the color a bit off - pale look like, peanuts was over blend in the curry causes it hardly to taste or eat the peanuts crunchiness and I have small throat, therefore I found it easily cause small choke in my throat and cough out every time I shallow Satay meats with the gravy, at the end I decided to eat without dipping the gravy. Still worth the try.
Fried Dumpling, this side dishes was ordered by our friend when we had our dinner together after Ipoh, Perak PC fair, it have two types of fried dumpling - meats and vegetables and he, yes our friend is he, he ordered both of it to share with us. Although he treat us but I was ashamed to eat it as we're not close also I'm full after my meal so I did not taste it but Boyf ate a piece as manners, he comment the fried dumpling taste not bad and quite nice to eat but from what I see, it looks nice and appetizing, Boyf have pretty good taste when it comes to foods so I trust him for that and post it here, one thing that put me in doubt is the dumpling skin look quite thick to me for my liking.
Roasted Chicken Wing, is famous for late night snacks whether from Penang or Perak state. Our friend W, he ordered this side dishes as well to share with us, but this time both of us did not eat it as we're full. Seeing how my friend W ate I guess it's really yummy, nice to eat, worth the eat although caused his fingers dirty but he looked so satisfied, although we're not that closed and not sure his personal taste but looked at how he ate it until left bones, I guess, one day I should try it out if I'm going to Ipoh, Perak again in future.
I also tried out their Fried Hokkien Mee, for your information, Perak  Fried Hokkien Mee different from our Penang Fried Hokkien Mee, Perak Fried Hokkien Mee is our Penang Fried Tai Look Mee. In Penang, Fried Hokkien Mee is using normal noodle to fried it with slight gravy on it as show in the picture as example unlike Perak using thick noodle to fried it and Penang refer the thick noodle as Tai Look Mee, actually there is no different between the noodle and the taste, the different is one is thick another is thin in textures.

The preparation and the ingredients are the same as Penang Fried Hokkien Mee and Fried Tai Look Mee, the different is the name only. Soy sauce, garlic, vegetables, prawn, deep fried pork belly fats, fish cake and thick noodle. That's it but to come out taste good is not easy and not everyone can cook it well, it need skills.

It taste not bad and kinda satisfied my craving for Tai Look Mee and the stall quite famous around the neighborhood area and many people are ordering their orders, they have few selection for their customers to choose as such, fried rice, fried Singapore bee hon and so on. Although I said it's nice to eat but the chef skills not enough to make it awesome, the noodle was break into slightly small pieces due to unskilled fried style and I personally prefer the flavoring more strong and deep fried pork belly fat is important in bringing the flavoring and awesome smell of the dish but they're just lacking in term of the deep fried pork belly fat, other than that everything is good, it is good to lessen the deep fried pork belly fat for health reason but tasty food need to sacrifice our health a bit once in awhile and it will be fine as long as did not eat it frequently.

And the address is...
Lengkok Canning, Ipoh Garden, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

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