Medan Aneka Selera @ Pasar Kampar

Kampar, Perak used to be my second home when I'm a university student. We explore places and good foods to eat so we can have memorable students life and get familiar with the place since it was a cultural shock for city people to live in rural area and luckily by my time Tesco hypermarket just open so at least I know some where I can hang out.

We even explored to Kampar, Perak market food court/Medan Aneka Selera to eat after class for lunch or during weekend together with Uni friends go have breakfast, once I went there for dinner as what was said there is stall selling Char Koay Teaw that is really good but unfortunately I did not take any photos of it as I don't have camera or just some lousy phone camera that can't take proper photo but I still remember how is it taste like, that I will explain later.

Ok back to the topic, last year we as in me and Boyf went back to hold a small gathering with our friends and we went for breakfast at the market food court. Above picture is morning version of Char Koay Teaw and this is what I ordered. I don't really like Kampar, Perak Char Koay Teaw style because it is weird for me but that morning I'm craving for it so I just order it.

What so weird about it right? Because it is serve it Sambal and Lime! That doesn't apply in Penang. In Penang we don't have lime or use lime and we don't serve Sambal in our Char Koay Teaw plate, we fried our koay teaw together with chili paste but not Sambal so definitely weird for me. Other than that it is almost same any other Char Koay Teaw but in Perak state, their Char Koay Teaw, the koay teaw noodle itself a bit different from Penang as it is very thick in layer and the length also a bit shorter than ours.

Actually it tasted not bad #don't compare with Penang# just a bit chewy and don't miz the Sambal and squeeze the lime juice in it and the bean sprout a bit too raw. The aromatic also not strong but tasted quite ok.
Deep Fried Meatballs
Meatballs and Lou Shu Fun ordered by Chi's
For your information Lou Shu Fun is called Silver Needle Noodles in English term. There is many names for this noodle as such Bee Tai Bak (Hokkien), Lou Shu Fun (Cantonese), and Yin Zhen Fen (Mandarin) for direct translation from Cantonese term it is refer to Rat Noodles because the looks like rat tail, short and fat. This noodles very famous in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia (especially Penang, Perak and Kuala Lumpur).

Above 2 pictures was Chi's dishes and meal. I didn't try it but it looks nice and appetizing to the extend of regretted ordered my Char Koay Teaw. But for Deep Fried Meatballs we did shared it together and it really taste nice! Very flavorful, moist but not really juicy, not too oily and the color really look nice.
Boyf ordered Fish Porridge. The porridge is very famous among Kampar, Perak residents and one of my friend live at Kampar, Perak is their huge fans and very loyal customer to them, she said she will have it at least once a week for breakfast else she will feel something is missing. Wai's is her name and she's the one that introduced us her favorite food for breakfast and brought us there.

About this post we actually last year had a small gathering right a month after graduated and we went there for breakfast, and I took these pictures, I've never snap any photos of the foods until last years, so yeah wasted but the memories for the foods will stored in my brain always and really sorry for unable to share it out with you.

I actually finds the  porridge very bland, but it's healthy, no extra flavoring or artificial flavoring. I guess I consume too much roadside foods than home cook or really organic foods therefore, I find it bland but Boyf and my friends find it ok, I need to put extra seasoning such as soy sauce and pepper to eat #very unhealthy me# Boyf that morning ordered fish meats and to be honest, the fish meats is really fresh and sweet. they just cook it with little salt with water then lightly cook it the porridge, that's it. Sprinkle with some chopped spring onions or scallion, sesame oil, a lil of shredded ginger and oh Boyf added some chopped century egg in it since it is his favorite, The porridge also serve with You Char Koay, You Char Kwai or You Tiao, it is Chinese doughnut instead of round shape we made it long, either we cut it or just eat it like that and instead of dipping in chocolate or sugar we dip it into porridge. Btw, besides just fish meats, you can mix it with meatballs or just order meatballs instead of fish meats if you dislike fishes. And I always so for mix, same goes to how they cook the meatballs. Oh ya, the texture of the porridge really nice, not too thick or watery, well blend, very smooth like white silk, it worth a trip to have a try just for the porridge, ahhhh...I really miss it, so far I have yet try any other porridge that the texture is so smooth.
It is very famous too unknowingly by me, when we placed our order that the stall only realized, they were interviewed by media before, The Star newspaper, as you can see they even placed the news on their stall. Although I find it bland but it seemingly taste quite good the longer you eat but of course while the porridge still warm. And eating with close friends, chit chatting, happily laughing, talk about our life after graduate, it is something worth more than foods, a memories that worth priceless and even make the food taste better although it is bland (just me) but good for our health. And Kampar, Perak residents seems like it as well and very well known among them especially seniors citizens like it very much since it is easy to eat and digest. I'm still finding this porridge textures around Penang, and I really miss it.

And the address is...
Jalan Pasar, 31900, Kampar, Perak.

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