Kim Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice @ Lintang Slim

Chicken rice is one famous meal everyone will munch on because it is simple and nice to eat and also fast!. Typical Penangites will go for chicken rice if they're out of idea where to eat and it is easily can be found at anywhere any time, take me as an example, I'll go for chicken rice if I'm lazy to go anywhere else or think where to eat and if I'm going to pass by my FatGrandMa house, I'll definitely go to Kim Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice to grab my lunchie. My dish will always have three types of meats which we called it Sah Bee (Hokkien) which consists of Roasted Pork, Roasted Chicken and Char Siew (Sweet Pork).

What I can tell is, it is nice to eat. However the roasted pork not aromatic as it seems, not crunchy as well and it is thinly slices and not salty enough - Roasted Pork must be slightly salty to bring out the aroma and tastiness (Roasted Pork lover should understand what I mean), I personally like it slightly thick so when you bite it, you'll feel it (if you know what I mean). Roasted chicken was nice but slightly chewy while Char Siew taste not bad however I prefer it was barbecue longer and let it burn a little then it will be really nice. The Soys sauce as well taste not bad, not too salty, nor too sweet or too watery and thick in texture. The portion for the meats is medium, just enough for 2 person.
They also offer Chai Bouy which is Mix Vegetables Hot and Spicy Chinese Stew Soup. Taste not bad but a bit too watery, it has spiciness and sourness and lots of mix vegetables and meats and the portion is...well it will never enough for 2 Choi Boay lovers no matter how big or small the portion is. XD And it was serve with traditional clay bowl which really help to maintain the warmness of the soup until you finished up the whole bowl.

Overall it is really nice to eat and can be say is yummy as well, however I still prefer Sin Nam Huat Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice Chai Boay and Char Siew but a lot thirstier compared to Kim Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice, to review it please click here, thank you.

Let me warn you something here, the location they operate business is really hard to find parking lots and frequently jam. Although the cafe is nice to grab your lunch and their service is quite fast and friendly, so do prepare to round or wait for get a parking lot for your car, but for motor it is super easy, you can park anywhere as long as you did not block or disturb their premises and other premises. The price is also affordable, for above dishes and soup it only cost about RM 11.00 for 2 person.

And their address is...
Block B, 49-G-07, Taman Yew Lean, Jalan Slim, 11600, Penang. (Just behind Joo Huat Cafe).

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