Kim Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice @ Taman Bendera

This Kim Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice are the same as Jalam Lintang Slim, these stall have few branches in Penang and as I aware is just these 2 places.

This was located at Relau area where Boyf family house is, we frequently dine in at there when we lazy to go else where during the weekend for lunch.

Presentation are much more simpler as they just rent a medium size stall in front of a cafe to operate their business. The taste of the pork and chicken are the same as Jalan Lintang Slim so nothing to comment about it, to know more please click here, to read my previous post about their overall taste, quality and quantity.

Since the business just operate at a medium size stall rather than renting a whole slot of shophouse, so the price are much more cheaper than Jalan Lintang Slim, they offer you much more of soy sauce than Jalan Lintang Slim as you can see from the picture the plate is almost flooded.
Second thing is you get a bowl of Chai Boey for free unlike Jalan Lintang Slim where you need to pay for a bowl of Chai Boey, although texture less thicken and watery, less appetizing presentation, less vegetables and meats but don't underestimate the less things as the taste is still awesome and nice to drink! Still have it's spiciness and sourness and both of us can never have enough of it. I seriously wonder why it is addictive once you have tried it.
This is our meal during the day, simple and nice and full of nutrition as well but it is as well very fattening and high in cholesterol foods. For 2 person this lunch just cost around RM 10.00 - 11.00, as it's consider cheap for me as every things are hike in price, what to do our inflation are too high than we can imagine despite we are in a country that full with gas and oil.

Their business operate at under one flat shophouses and there is a lot of varieties of foods for you to choose from morning to night and the price are all affordable although the environment are a bit crowded and noisy. The business usually operate for the residents at there but anyone can still dine at there if they want to, parking is not really a problem during the afternoon and night but morning will be very hard and jam as there is wet markets and dry markets along the roads.

And one more things is at here once their meats are all sold out, they will closed their business so usually the time will be around 1-2pm but at Jalan Lintang Slim, they will operate their business until late afternoon.

And their address is...
5-G-3/4, Lintang Relau Satu, Taman Bendera, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

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