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Seriously I'm super duper zuper lazy to blog these days but I have too else my blog will be one dead blog  and it will look pathetic as the mother abandoned it due to laziness lol.

Seeing my friends graduated and posted pictures around Kampar make me miss my student life back then, everything were less complicated and life was much easier although the foods Kampar offers back then kinda limited but I still kinda miss all the foods though.

Kampar life and Penang life are totally different, Penang is more to fast space and jamming everywhere also no cows or calf or even dunk to be seen, thief, robbery, snatch thief case are far more higher than Kampar. Kampar is a place where you relax to the max, stress level also very low, except when exams are coming are the lecturers are marking exam papers or assignments. If you're lazy to attend classes skip and asked your friends to sign for you but now everything change. Change to more complicated, tough, stress and tight life.

OK OK ok not to brag about school life then, it's about foods that I want to share here back then when I was one innocent, naive and cute student #ahem ahem# XD

The foods that Kampar offers kinda selected and the price are almost like Penang price but the portion is definitely different. Once you stay in Kampar, 100% you'll gain weight!!!

I remember I'd always wait for Wednesday and always pray my classes will end around 6-6.30pm so I can go have a walk and food hunt at Pasar Malam a.k.a Night Market or One Day Street Foods. New Town, we also called it as West Lake where it majority of students and residents stay area, while back then I stay at East Lake where the rent is cheap but limited foods available so as facilities and so on but it just 5 minutes bicycle ride to campus, the pros and cons. So if I were to about go there it will be very hard and long distant so I always pray my arrange class or lecture will end late at Wednesday.

Above picture is Deep Friend Chicken sell by one Malay store, run by one family. I often bought my Fried Fice and fried chicken from them because it is cheap and big in portion as you can see from below picture, it is pack with rice and the chicken is big as one person medium palm also you can ask for additional Sambal a.k.a Malaysian favorite Belacan Chili Paste and it taste really nice! All of it only cost RM 3.00 - RM 4.00 depend on the chicken category, I always goes to RM 2.50 and fried rice for RM 1.40 and the sambal is free.
Seriously I very very very sorry for the low quality of pictures as it was taken way back then when I still don't have better phone camera nor camera itself. I've always a fans of Taiwan Sausages and there is one small stall selling it and the taste not bad although the brand the auntie use are different from one stall I often buy in Penang and the sauce the auntie offer I can say that it can consider as lots of varieties despite it is in Kampar but still lesser than Penang.

Another unique food I found in Kampar is Super Big Pork Pao/DaPao. Basically the ingredients is pork, eggs and some vegetables then steam it to cook. So far I have yet able to find this size of pao in Penang, as you you refer to above picture, the size of pao are bigger than my hand. It is so pack, heavy and big so when I carry it, it was I'm carrying a baby and people are looking at me as if I never eat DaPao before. Me and Boyf plan to eat it, just two of us but end up we unable to finish it and ask Mei's to join us. Even though the size are so big and I'm afraid the quality the pao will go bad but luckily it taste as good as you smell it, the portion or the size did not effect the taste and the quality, the baker really did a good job! The skin layer aew thin and have lots of ingredients and it is a pack! The pao texture as well very soft and moist. Gosh I miss it already.
One more photos I forgotten to upload at here is one of our Chinese dessert called Oh Geo/Ai Yoo Ping a.k.a Chrystal clear herbal jelly mix with Lychee or Longan, lime or lemon juice, sugar water and ice then ready to eat it. It is good to eat it when the weather is extremely hot as it helps to cool down our body and prevent us from falling sick, Oh Geo is one traditional dessert that hardly can be found in Penang but Kampar, Perak still have several stalls selling it and it just cost RM 2.00 - RM 2.50 for one big bowl of Oh Geo.

I bought these Pies as well for late night supper and it just cost me around RM 5.00 - RM 6.00 for 4 slices, I personally don't really like it as the textures was too heavy and wet also kinda sticky, not moist or soft as well and the filling kinda hard also but what to expect when it just cost around RM 5.00 for 4 slices, right?

Another supper treat was Fish Pancake. I love pancake and this is just too cute! Overall it was really okay although a bit chewy, upon you place your order to the Boss you can choose the filling by yourself, whether strawberry jam, blueberry jam, peanut butter or red bean paste and so on and cost me just around RM 3.00 for 2 medium size fish pancake.

I'm a fans of Tau Foo Fah/Tau Hua a.k.a soybean pudding and in Kampar, Perak it is extremely hard to find one so I always awaits for Wednesday to comes so I can have some, if I'm down just reward me with this and I'll be lil girl again. For RM 2.00, you can a big bowl og tau foo fah. It's soft, warm and aromatic also thick in textures, for the sugar, you can either choose white sugar or brown sugar to eat together with tau foo fah. It's best to eat while still warm.

Another late night snacks while watching movies or dramas is fried stuffs, although it is super unhealthy but that's a student life and it taste good too. There is a stall selling all kind of Depp Fried Foods such as nuggets,  crabs/ squibs/fish/prawn or chicken balls, french fries and so on, every packet or boxes (medium-small size) cost RM 2.00 and it have ketchup/chili/pepper/mayonnaise and cheesy sauce for you to choose to from and we always go for mayo and cheesy sauce.

Last but not least is the Murtabak! Murtabak is Roti Canai (Indian Flatbread) stuffed with eggs, onions and chicken meats or mutton and dip with curry. At Kampar, Perak, there is a lots of Mamak shops which you can dine in but I still bought it from the Pasar Malam which cost me RM 2.00 - RM 2.50 and it's so packed! I think it worth more than eating it at Mamak stall or restaurant. The flatbread was so soft and smooth and thin in layer, and it has a lot of ingredients so I personally think it really worth it and the size is the same as the Mamak restaurant. As you can see from above picture, the portion is actually quite big.

Talking about the past foods I had as a University students makes me so miss it so much! Although all the foods was so simple yet it is something good to flashback and make you feel a lil bit younger and how much we have grow since then. Btw just fyi all the foods price at the Pasar Malam is affordable and big in portion.

And their address is...
Taman Bandar Baru Kampar (New Town) Westlake, 31900 Kampar, Perak.

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