Hip Kee Cafe @ Pulau Tikus

It's been very long time ago since I had my breakfast around Pulau Tikus area, and recently I went there to have my breakfast with my friends as we have some stuffs to settle around there and as we walk around we just walked in into this Hip Kee Cafe, we saw quite a lots of people dine at there and there is many varieties of food stalls for you to choose.

As we sat down one of the empty table, we ordered our drinks and I ordered Hot Milo (one of Nestle chocolate drinks), it is too sweet to m like but the textures was thick and very strong of the Milo smell and flavors so it is actually taste not bad, just too sweet.
I have no idea what to order then so I talk a stroll around the cafe and I saw one Wan Tan Mee stall selling Curry Wan Tan Mee as well and I've been craving for it since I graduated from University, about it I'll blog about it once I found the picture, the uncle selling Wan Tan Mee in Kampar, Perak is the BEST Wan Tan Mee I ever eat so far! Ok back to the topic here, since I'm craving for it so I ordered it without having second thought. When my food was served on the table, I'm kinda regret it but hey still need to give it ago right? It might taste good #positive self talk# and I so I had my first bite of the noodle - Taste Bad! Take a  sip of the soup - Awful! Take a bite of the Char Siew - Nothing special/Not aromatic at all! Take a bite of the Wan Tan a.k.a dumpling - So sticky!

I'd tried to finish the meal I mean the whole bowl but it was really off my limit, I can't take it, enough!  I'm a person that will finish up the food even the foods just taste merely pass but this is really speechless. So Disappointed!!!

The soup is like drinking plain water with slightly chili oil and lil bit curry flavors, the noodle kinda tacky and taste weird to me also too soft (over cook), Char Siew have no Char Siew aroma or its sweetness or the textures even the coloring a bit too off like it's been over for days. Vegetables was so bitter! Mint leaves doesn't help at all it make the foods taste even worse even though I crazy fans of mint! No one will serve Curry with Sambal together! Wan Tan a.k.a dumpling too sticky that it taste over cook until the wrap melted or become sticky flour wrap and the meat taste bland as well.

I have never tried something so OMG yet still can operate their business, maybe their normal Wan Tan Mee taste good or not bad but certainly not Curry Wan Tan Mee. If I got a chance to dine at there again I'll take different order from them which is just Wan Tan Mee and see how things goes.

I personally won't recommend it.

And their address is...
Small lane connects to Kelawai Road and Burma Road (Just beside Bellisa Row Ambank)
Lorong Leandro's (off Burma Road), 10250, Pulau Tikus, Penang.

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