Dayumm Burger @ Khoon Hiang Cafe

Boyf friend just started his burger business and yesterday was the D-Day and of course as a friend he went for a small support and bring me along to eat. Dayumm is not any burger you can find in town as it is PORK burger and I never really eat pork burger before except I make it by myself so I give it a go and tadaaa above are the picture I took once the burger was served on your table. Nice? Yup definitely look nice from the picture so how about the taste?

We ordered Classic Type With Additional Cheese, Bacon And Egg. I know you didn't see any egg sight in the picture because he's too nervous for his first day and besides forgotten our egg he also forgotten many of his utensils for cooking, so ok good reason for excuse as he is also working and this burger business as extra income.

For the bread, he is using English muffin like Mc Donald's breakfast bread but in more healthy way as it is Wheat English Muffin, the bread very aromatic, very moist and soft but the bread not warm, I prefer warm then it will bring the burger to another level of taste better.

Meats section - Bacon was ok but kinda a bit too salty however I still love it #bacon lover#. Pork patty really big and packed! Really worth it but lack of seasoning, I saw lots of onions inside the patty but lacks of onions sweetness so I prefer them to use shallots instead of onions and mix with few garlic, herbs as seasoning or some cayenne pepper. Or maybe marinate more longer.

Vegetables part - I find it ok and kinda juicy but Boyf find it a bit bitter but then I told him "pay more if you want sweet vegetables." He ask "why?" I answered "Sweet vegetables usually organic." Then he just nods his head.

Cheese!!! Although the cheese really tempting and melting on top of the pork but I cannot smell it or taste it, even though I tasted it but the smell very light, maybe the pork smell cover it or need to try out new cheese to accompany the pork to taste better.

Overall it was really not bad and the bread was spread with some tomato ketchup and there is no chili or ketchup sauce to add on if you dine in the cafe.
Although there is positive and negative reviews from here but I definitely I will for another try as it is quite worth it and since he is still new in this business so I give a direct comments so he will improve in coming future if he fated to read my blog LOL. Fyi, this is not critics just some comments from pork burger lovers and please don't feel any offensive feeling towards my post, it is just my sincere comments as a customers so in future I can enjoy it again.

Above picture is the simple menu in front of the stall, and just located in front of famous Ah Leng Char Koay  Teow. Business just operate from Friday to Sunday 8PM - 12AM for the meanwhile. For more information and updates please click here to join their facebook page.

And their address is...
358, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150, Georgetown, Penang.

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