All Right! Western Food @ Hai Beng Cafe

If really want to enjoy medium fine dine of western foods unlike any coffee shops western foods stall's you see, All Right Western Food a Hai Beng Cafe is a place you must visit! I cannot say it is fine dine because the place is not high end place and they do not simply serve you with their foods. Their menu really simple, only one page. However in the menu, they have recommended few as their signature. Be aware that no one will come and help you to take order, you have to order by yourself at their counter (not enough staffs). The price range are around RM 8.00 - RM 20.00

But don't worry that no one will take your drinks order, the cafe assistant will take your order. They have varieties of fruit juice to offer and the price kinda affordable. I'll always go for mix, vegetables with fruits, so with Boyf. A glass of it cost around RM 3.50 - RM 5.00, and it's really thick in texture and filled with the fruits aroma also not too sweet and watery unlike other's cafe. Above it Carrots and Orange Juice.
Mushroom Soup.
It comes with really big bowl and both of us shared. It's really thick in texture, creamy and lots of mushroom, the color also looks pretty good too also they serve it warm, so its kinda open your appetite but the fragrance of mushroom not strong enough for me. For me its like missing something in the soup that will bring out the aroma more strong but I'm not sure what's missing because I'm not a super chef. Overall it was nice to enjoy and the price is really cheap as well for a bowl like this, if I'm not mistaken the price is around RM 4 - 5 only.
This is mine Grilled Bombay Chicken. Look nice right? This is our first visits and we did not ordered their signature foods instead we tried something else. Very aromatic when it was served on the table but once I take a bite, the flavors is not strong enough for me. The onions was okay but the curry really too light for me, maybe I'm not used to it because I always eat Nasi Kandar curry chicken too much, Nasi Kandar curry chicken really have powerful flavor and very thick in texture and the size a bit small for me. Overall for me, it's ok, will give it another try.
Boyf Chicken Cordon Bleu. The chicken look very cute for me because it's so small and fluffy like a pillow, but according to the Boyf the portion is a bit too small for him, as for me it looks kinda small portion as well. The chicken very moist and thin in layer, ham was okay and lot of cheese! This is what I like but the cheese smell not really strong. But but but once you cut the chicken and see the cheese melts, its like heaven #to me# and my heart also melts XD. I personally prefer Boyf than mine #hmph#

The next round we visit, we ordered their signature dish which is Chicken Chop! and I fell for it. Really simple but taste really nice, chicken was not too oily, very juicy and moist but the sauce is where I really fell for it. The color really nice and I don't know, it's just so nice to eat and you'll think about it again. The flavors  just right for me and the aroma as well. It's definitely a recommended one from me.

One thing that I don't like is their salad serve on the plate toooooo little, it's just like for decoration than for their customer's to eat =C. Overall is a place that worth to drop by and have your dinner but be prepared for long wait, to avoid the crowd and long wait, reach earlier around 6.30pm or 7pm.

And their address is...
216, Jalan Burma, 10350 Georgetown, Penang (Pulau Tikus area, oppasite SOCSO building)

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