Weld Quay (Tree Shade) Seafood Restaurant @ Weld Quay

This place is my Godmum and MummyQ favorite spot if we're too hungry and hardly to wait for the dishes to serve us on the table slow like at other seafood/chu char place. Why??? Because they DO really serve your food on your table real fast! Super fast that you couldn't believe, it's like the dishes sitting Ferrari. First timer's might doubt whether the food finely cook, don't worry peeps it's finely cook.

Not a commercialize place or tourist spot but mostly Penangites know this place very well, in Hokkien this place are called 'Chew Zhang Kha' because the shop really under one big strong and tall tree and the shop really easily get spotted as well and the shop look pretty old but don't worry because they really deco it look pretty, warmth and welcoming
Sorry for the blurry pic's as I took this pic like years ago with my shitty phone camera. Once you arrive there , don't worry to enter wrong shops because there is 2 shops and both shops belong to them. Their seafood here is fresh as well because everyday by the end of their business, all the ingredients are all almost empty and the price very reasonable, for MummyQ it's consider cheap.

There is a lots of varieties of raw foods to ready cook foods - from red meats to green vegetables for you to choose and the attendant will help you to pick and recommend you which dish is nice and their specialty, so don't worry or stress on how to decide.
Before the foods is serve on your table, they will give you a plate of Indian crackers called Papadum which is not oily, not spicy but a lil bit of salty for you to dip in curry.

We ordered Pork Ribs King cooked with tomatoes, chili and soy sauce. the meat quite tender and the size quite big, the sauce just okay but a lil bit too little for me.

Deep fried Black Promphet Fish with Osyter Sauce. This is my favorite! The fish very fresh, crispy but inside the meat is moist. Not really oily but kinda hard to bite due to it's crispiness.

Baby Ice Lettuce with oyster sauce. The vege was very sweet and juicy and the oyster sauce a bit too watery for me.

But overall we're satisfied for price, taste and fast service.

Another 3 dishes we often order is Stir Fried Water Convolvulus with Sambal Belacan. We love the belacan aroma and lil bit spiciness however sometimes a bit watery as well. Curry Fish Meat, although I know they just use the curry powder instead of paste but they it came out to be very creamy, the texture is thick and very aromatic, a lot of fish meats as well and very fresh. Another dish is definitely is mine and Godbro favorite dish - Salad Stuffed You Char Kway (Chinese Deep Fried Bread Stick), totally nice! although a bit hard to bite.

And as well they offer unlimited rice refill and is free of charge. So eat as much rice as you want=D

And usually with 3 simple dishes (meat, fish and vege) for 4-5 person only cost us around RM50-60. Kinda affordable right?

It's good to have a try for money wise and quick service. My advice is it's hard to find parking so it is better to park at Wisma Kastam and walk over there, just steps away. Although quite dark but better than getting fine ticket right? and a lot of their customer's park at there too. And please be there early to avoid the crowd, usually 6.30-7pm it will be a lot of people already but don't worry, since their service is fast to people get to enjoy their meal fast as well. Cashier very fast as well.

And their address is...
18 & 21 Weld Quay, 12000, Georgetown, Penang. (Just opposite Penang Ferry Terminal).

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