Subway Sandwich

It's have been years ago that I'm a fans of Subway Sandwich, not because I love anything comes from flour but it is because of it's healthy, simple and delicious meal either from breakfast to dinner that give me maximum satisfaction. 

Another reason I love Subway it is because the ingredients you want to put in your sandwich is up to you to choose from their selection counter whether you want extra vegetables or less or without. The bread are always aromatic and freshly baked and it is super soft and moist as well, their vegetables as well as fresh, juicy, sweet and lots of vegetables for you to choose! then top with your favorites choice of sauces - they offer varieties of sauces as well so far I've never try their Ranch, Tomatoes and Chili Sauce.

It is healthy sandwich you can consume everyday with different menu's they offer:

Classic : Tuna, Italian B.M.T (Pepperoni, Salami & Turkey Ham), Spicy Italian (Pepperoni & Salami), Subway Club (Turkey Breast, Turkey Ham, & Roast Beef)

Hot Subs: Meatball Marinara, Subway Melt (Turkey Breast, Turkey Ham & Breakfast Strips), Steak & Cheese, Chicken Teriyaki.

Basics: Veggie Delite, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Turkey Breast & Turkey Ham.

Since it is in Malaysia so it is Halal which means No Pork are serve! 

They also offer different day different selection of sandwich in cheaper price which is around RM 7.50 so do check out at Subway Restaurant.

Instead of ala carte you can order set as well which cost around RM 11.50 - 13.50, come together drinks (soft drinks) and 2 big cookies based on your choices as well on their selection counter or potatoes chips.
I've always a fans of Turkey so most of the time I'll order Turkey Ham & Turkey Breast, my choice of vegetables is ALL!!! except Jalapenos which include Lettuce, Onions, Pepper, Olive, Pickles, Tomatoes and Cucumber. And my sauce is always Honey Mustard and more Sweet Onions, drinks I'll go for Ice Lemon Tea instead of soft drinks and cookies will always be Chocolate Chips. For me I totally fall for their cookies, it's like heaven once you take a bite and you'll want more!!! While for bread, each visit I'll try different bread and all of the bread they offer I love them all!

Boyf always go for Italian B.M.T - Lettuce, more Pickles, Tomatoes and Cucumber - Honey Mustard and Chili Sauce. The rest are same as mine Ice Lemon Tea and 2 big cookies - Chocolate Chips and Dark Chocolate Chips. On the other hand Boyf love Italian and Parmesan Oregano.

Do check out on Star Newspaper regularly as Subway have their coupon buy 1 free 1 coupon on it of course with terms and condition.

And their address is...
Too many for me to type so do please click here for restaurant locator and information. Thank you.

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