Sidewalk Ice-Cream Lounge @ Ipoh Garden

We went to this place after Chi's introduced it to us, according to her, it's nice to relax and chill-out with your friends or after hard work during the day and I really would like to give it a try since I'm desserts lover and Chi's said the price is affordable too! I begged Boyf to bring me go for so many times and finally he bring me go after I annoyed him so much that he gave up.

After dinner, we went there and since it's still super early and they just opened to start their business so we're their first customers that day, when we stepped in, I kinda like their interior, very simple. The environment looks like we're back to the 90's with the 90's antique things display here and there, like a country bar but instead of alcohol they serve ice-cream. Plus you can hear water running from the mini pond they have and 2 mini aquariums, it's soothing after a long hard day.
Both of our ice-cream. Mine was something with clown name (procrastinated to long consequences), super cute that I don't feel like eating it. Serving was simple, three scoops of ice-cream of your choice and garnished with wafer's, rainbow sugar rice, peach and pineapple, cheery and whip cream, just that simple yet so cute and lighten up your day and nice to eat as well. Boyf was Woodlands Butterscotch. Not that I can't recall mine but able to recall his, I accidentally find out through Star Online article regarding the lounge, click here to read. Sorry for the blurry picture, still using shitty phone camera that time. Boyf also 3 scoops of ice-cream, I've forgotten what flavors he had so does he himself forgot what he had but his ice-cream top with wafer's cornflakes, almonds and colorful crisp cereal also garnish with Butterscotch. Sound really nice but mine ice-cream ways cuter than him!
Their ice-cream was not home-mad nor expensive ice-cream (hagen dazz/ baskin robin, etc), they just used normal ice-cream brand like nestle you can find in supermarkets but they make it special with lots of varieties in their menu and you just can't get bored with it. Some of you may think "Why not just buy it at supermarkets and eat it at home? Why waste such money on it?" I personally will reply with, if I buy 6 boxes of ice-cream to eat, then when will I be able to finish the 6 whole boxes? by the time I finish the 6 boxes, I might have fall sick. And to buy wafer's, cherry and so on it will cost lots more than just eating it at the lounge. Plus I can enjoy it with my loved ones and friends and talk about our days and life at there for small gathering rather than I just enjoy the ice-cream alone in the house, I don't want to be forever alone.

Sometimes the simplest things can really bring joy and warmness together with your closed ones regardless of the quality of the foods, do remember that. Sometimes I might post foods that I'm not really impress yet I still pay a visit and dine in, just because the moments you share with your loved ones will store in your memory forever and that's makes you want to go to that place again.

Sidewalk ice-cream lounge is a place where it is worth to go with your family and friends or lovers on budget get together gather time.

And their address is...
26, Lengkok Canning, Ipoh Garden, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.(Just opposite Tung Koo Theng / Ipoh Food Court / Ipoh Medan Aneka Selera)

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