Reservoir Garden Hawker Arcade @ Lebuh Ayer Puteh

We seldom pass by Ayer Itam for dinner but when we do, we'll drop by at Reservoir Garden Hawker Arcade. They have varieties of foods selection for you to choose except for western foods, so far I've been there not even 5 times yet! Reason is 1) Ayer Itam is another area's in Penang that is very jam. 2) We do not lives nearby there. 3) Hardly to find parking. No. 1 and 3 is the main reason we seldom go, the foods are good and the price is reasonable as well but because of the main reason we seldom go.

Above pictures is called Pasembur, this is one of Penang famous foods as well. Pasembur is an Indian Malaysian salad that divided into 2 different types - Chinese type or Indian type, Indian type often refer as Rojak Mamak while Chinese refer it as Cheh Hoo a.k.a raw fish in Hokkien even though there is no raw fish meat in it. For Chinese Pasembur the ingredients is; - shredded cucumber, cuttlefish, cracker, shredded jicama a.k.a mangkuang, cucur udang a.k.a eaves shrimp which is dried shrimps mix with flour and deep fried it, bean curd and sweet and spicy sauce. According to MummyQ the sauce are mad of Chinese sweet potatoes.

While Indian Pasembur ingredients more to mix foods such as bean sprouts, potatoes, eggs, deep fried shrimps, deep fried octopus, crabs, fish balls and anything that can be deep fried. Few things that remain the same are shredded cucumber, shredded jicama, bean curd, and sweet and spicy sauce. However both also very nice to eat but I'm not sure whether their sauce are mad of chinese sweet potatoes or not. Indian Pasembur are much more spicier than Chinese Pasembur, Chinese Pasembur sweeter than Indian Pasembur.

I ordered Chinese Pasembur, the cafe offers majority of  Chinese foods, to be honest all Pasembur taste almost the same as the ingredients are all raw, the only that differentiate it is the crackers, eaves shrimps and the sauce. The portion is a bit too small and RM 3.00  for it, I consider the price are a bit too expensive than it should be, the sauce are a bit too sweet as well and the eaves shrimps a bit too hard to chew. Overall it was okay.
Second food that I ordered is Satay. Satay is one of Malaysia favorites and be found at every states that offer according to state's citizens liking, in Penang we have Chinese and Malay Satay. Chinese Satay will offer pork while Malay Satay did not offer pork. And our liking of course is pork (for Chinese), chicken, mutton, and beef, some may expand their menu into fish, rabbit, shrimp, squid and other's meats that you can imagine or even exotics parts like gizzard, intestines and so on.

Satay is a dish seasoned with Tumeric powder and stay marinated for a day (maximum), this gives the dish look beautifully color in yellow. After it was well marinated then it will be skewered with bamboo stick, later will be barbecue over fierce charcoal fire. Besides famous for it's seasoning, Satay also famous for is nutty sweet and spicy sauce for you to dip in and the side dishes will always be slices of onions and cucumber.

In Malaysia, Satay can be find from street-side (street foods), restaurant, cafe a.k.a kopitiam or feast celebrations like Chinese New Year, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and so on.

And of course the picture above is pork Satay. Very nice, the meats are so tender and moist, very strong turmeric aroma, and the burn are little and it's like the meats melt in your mouth. The sauce less nutty, but the taste really nice. I personally like lots of nuts and thick in texture but still I accept it because it nice the sauce texture is good - not too watery nor thick. The taste quite good as well, not too sweet or spicy, just enough. No wonder they have lots of customers but the meats too little and skinny.

Another thing different from Chinese Satay and Malay Satay is the price. Chinese Satay cost around RM 0.80 per stick while Malay Satay cost RM 0.40 per stick. It depend's on it's location and popularity so mine estimation may be incorrect and price changed according from time to time.
Another food we had there was Rojak. Rojak is almost like Pasembur but this is more to fruits and vegetables, also very famous is Malaysia, Malaysian's favorite snacks. The ingredients consists of cucumber, pineapple, jicama, and raw mangos, the dressing is Hae Koh which is called Belacan in Bahasa, it will then cook together with water, sugar, chili and lime juice to bring out the strong flavorful aroma and also taste really awesome and nice to dip in every raw foods to eat. Rojak then will be top with crushed peanuts and tadaaa it is ready to serve you. The dressing must not be too thick in texture nor too watery, else it will spoil the foods completely, Rojak also well known for its sweet, spicy, sour taste and roughly chopped fruits and ingredients.

Rojak can be found at cafe (kopitaim), food courts or street-food area's and street vendor.

The Rojak was just really so-so okay. a bit watery and the dressing they gave us really too little to cover the whole fruits and vegetables. It have the sweetness and sourness but not spicy enough and the Hae Koh not aromatic enough. Since all the ingredients mainly are raw so it's heavily rely on the dressing to taste nice.
Yong Tau Foo is one of Malaysia foods however it's not really popular but in some state's it's really popular like Penang, Perak or Kuala Lumpur. Yong Tau Foo is one of the most easiest foods you can get and simply nice to eat as well. You are free to choose the ingredients from the stall counter freely and of course the price are different from one ingredient to another ingredients. Usually the foods from frozen foods and little from raw foods such as fish, meats and vegetables, some will stuffed with homemade fish balls such as chili stuffed with fish ball paste and so on. After choose your favorites ingredients then they will cook it with boiling broth and pour in clear broth soup into a bowl with your chosen ingredients serve with either plain white rice or yam rice or even noodle like yellow noodle or vermicelli. Comes together with chili sauce for you to dip your ingredients and some will also will provide sweet sauce as well. Topped with spring onions or fried garlics

Overall the food are so-so only not really impressed, the soup also okay, nothing so special, the soup flavors not strong enough and the ingredients although it is cook but not hot enough, just warm but the soup are hot. And it is expensive, since they did not put the price tag for each ingredients so I just choose freely and it came out cost around RM 10.00 - 2 bowl of plain white rice cost RM 1.00 per bowl and with the ingedients just like this cost around almost RM 8.00. Well for me definitely not worth to eat. I just took big Wan Ton a.k.a Sui Kao, meatballs, taufu and few other varieties of fish balls. What do you think about the price?

Although the Yong Tau Foo was very disappointing but still there is a lots of foods I haven't try yet so will go there again to try other foods.

And the address is...
Jalan Ayer Puteh, Ayer Itam, Penang. (Beside Shell Petrol Station)

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