Little Cottage Cafe Western Food @ Burma Road

Another place we like to go to have our affordable western foods is at Little Cottage. They have 2 branches, one at Burma Road and another at Gottlieb Road, but we often go to Burma Road as it is at town area. They offer affordable price and very nice environment for you to have your meal, once you step in it's like in country side and very comfortable despite their cafe quite small and I really like it plus point for them is their service is pretty good and fast too.

Our soup of the day and dinner roll, as pictured above. Mushrooms Soup was okay, very creamy, very flavorful but the mushroom really too little that hardly bring out the mushroom aroma, I personally like mushroom soup pack with varieties of mushroom. Dinner roll was soft and warm, smell like freshly baked and smell nice, I really like it! With butter spread on it and dip in mushroom soup, everything is perfect!
Boyf Monte-Cristo Chicken. Grilled chicken with gravy and comes with sausages, the gravy simply is just mushroom gravy with grilled chicken and sausages on top of it, Boyf was a bit shocked despite their name so special but just like that his foods was served to him, he was a bit disappointed and regret what he ordered. I took a bite and it's pretty normal for me, nothing so special but still okay, the chicken was moist and easy to cut and kinda big while the gravy a bit too light in flavors and not aromatic.
Luckily I ordered their popular Chicken Chop Little Cottage Style. I did not see what style on my plate when they served it on my table, maybe they exercise the chicken in little cottage style? lol. The presentation just very simple yet look nice and appetizing. I quite like my chicken chop, it's kinda crispy at outside but the meat inside was moist but not juicy and it's really easily fall out once you cut it as well as the portion quite big, basically chicken chop heavily relied on the gravy to taste good and little cottage gravy was good and it really bring out a very nice chicken chop.

Every meal you ordered serve with mash potatoes and fresh vegetables. I'm not a fans of vege so I only ate the carrots, very soft yet still have the crunchiness and the mash potatoes just okay but still I prefer Beacon Point mash potatoes and I personally think their potatoes is the best I've tried so far. Little Cottage mash potatoes a bit too creamy that the more you eat the more you'll feel "OMG oK that's enough!", that's for me, different people have different taste right? Too much of buttery I think and the gravy a bit did not match the mash potatoes, not the gravy is not nice, just did not match.
They also comes with dessert, Coconut and Chocolate Pudding. I kinda like it, the pudding very soft and cold, the coconut flavors very strong but it cover up the chocolate flavors and it's small in glass I hope they serve it bigger glass or portion, since I'm desserts lover to it can't be enough for me.

For Burma Road branch it's hard to find parking so you'll need to park your car quite far away and walk there while motor easily to find parking. While for Gottlieb Road is easy to find parking as there is parking lots but need to depend on luck as well. And the price range for lunch set meal is around RM 9.90 - RM 19.90.

For more information Little Cottage please click here. Thank you.

And their address is...
96-A, Burma Road, 10050 Georgetown, Penang. (First Branch)

31, Gottlied Road, 10450 Georgetown, Penang. (Second Branch)

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