Koko Jelly

How many of you still eating this chocolate? As I notice, many of my friends munch on more expensive chocolates nowadays as now they afford to buy it by themselves now and starting to forget this chocolates we used to eat when we're younger or during kids time where expensive chocolates doesn't exists in our world yet.
Recently we bought it as to relive our childhood memory and simple happiness at Tesco with the price much more expensive compared to our kids time. Sometimes happiness doesn't mean you need to have everything or buy expensive stuffs or even go travel, just find our childhood back, what we do, what we ate, or what we play. This is also a way of happiness, a way to cherish the past and the present.

The chocolate texture of course not rich and aromatic but it is sweet and full of nutty nuts smell and just pop-in the whole chocolate in your mouth and bite it into half, and you'll happy. You can even use the wrapping to whistle, Boyf can do it but not me. =C

The chocolate doesn't melt in your mouth immediately as it is not 50-100% chocolate, they likely relied it on sugar so it took times to melt in your mouth or bite it. But I still like it, the wrapping also make me feel happy, just that simple. Me and Boyf will play scissors, paper, rock, whoever wins get the one chocolates, these simple chocolate not only relive your childhood but also your relationship with your partner. Both of us end up so so happy eating the chocolates and talking about our childhood times whole night till fall asleep. Boyf even stole some of my chocolates! but it's okay we're both happy=D

The address is...
Any supermarket or hypermarket at chocolate's and candies department. I got mine at Tesco.

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  1. Inda nyaman wahhh chocolate nya. Rasa macam serbuk kayu formaldehyde. Inda nyaman wahhhhhh.