Childhood Bird Egg Candy

Anyone still remember this candy? I think 80's kid should know, it usually can be see at mini markets (old style) or it was called Chai Tiam Ma in Hokkien. I don't remember how much it was back then, probably only cost around few cents, I seldom buy it because the packet was too big for me to hide from MummyQ and at that time my small mouth *ahem ahem*, if I pop in one whole candy in my mouth, then it will look like Jigglypuff angry time so it's hard to hide the evidence. Not that MummyQ don't want me to enjoy my childhood but my health really doesn't allowed me to do so.

As I growing up now, I still miss this candy, I only able to ate it once or twice back then when I plead my GodBro to give me eat. Now and then I still keep looking for it, to relive my childhood =D. Above picture was taken at Gurney Plaza, Boyf saw it at Level 8 where opposite Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) have these small stalls selling toys, bracelets, phone casing and of course candies. He immediately bought it as he know my childhood wasn't able to eat what I like, I'm happy to see this candy again really, naega jeongmal joh-a-hae. However the store was close down due to lack of business. Now I have no idea where to buy it again. T_T

This candy taste really nice despite of the looks, it is sweet but not too sweet, and a lil bit sour, it taste like a bit orange flavor, although it was hard to chew and kinda sticky and big in size but you'll like it. These simple candy just nice and full of memories that was priceless.

No address is provided as now I've no idea where to buy it.

But reader's are welcome to inform me where to buy it in Penang.

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