Spring Festival Lantern Cut-Out

Another easy peasy arts and crafts everyone can do even kids for this coming Chinese New Year to deco around the house, however it is best for the parents around when doing arts or crafts that involve scissors or penknife, I made one to hang on my door as well. This time round I uses other color paper instead of red - I used orange color, you can use whatever color that suit you or to your like, I just wanted to have some contrast color on door so the color look more pop-out type.

You will need:
One Piece of Color Paper
Compass - you can get from geometri set or purchase from stationary shop.

The compass I mentioned here is not compass from navigational instrument that direct ones to places but is a drawing tool compass that adjustable. It has a very sharp point end on one side and another of it contains pencil that can be adjusted by screw, and from the distance between the sharp point and pencil point will draw out an equal wide and length of a circle nicely. You can refer to no.2 at below picture.
Step 1- Fold the paper into half.
Step 2 - Use compass to draw out a half circle.
Step 3- After draw the half circle, measure and draw how you want your lantern look like, as for middle lantern, you can choose not to cut any pattern and write a Chinese character on it or glue it with some Chinese New Year decoration's. Mine I choose to draw and old Chinese Gold.
Step 4 - Cut it.
After all the cutting, unfold the paper and there you go, you'll have a paper lantern to stick on your plain wall. I stick it in my bedroom door together with the Spring Festival Chinese Character 'Chun'.

The time took approximately around 20-25 minutes to complete a piece but if you already have the template then it will only tool around 10 minutes to complete one piece.

You can even cut out a lot of it and glue half of the paper together to create a full round/circle paper lantern.

Hope you like this simple crafts during this spring festival.

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