Spring Festival Cut-Out

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, everyone is busy decorating their house, busy shopping for  new year dress/attire, busy buying Chinese New Year foods/cookies/drinks and so on so much things to do during these auspicious day!!!

Me too like everyone else busying for Chinese New Year, since my family doesn't follow much of the tradition so we really make it simple, besides decorating our exterior and interior of our house, I also deco my room in super simple way just like 2012 Christmas.

Chinese usually doco windows and doors with red paper cut-out to usher good luck and prosperity for the whole new coming year, and yes we love red, Everything Have To Be Red, red is good!!! and some may go to the extreme level by dyeing their hair and nail red, or even everything change to red and our 1st day of Chinese New Year attire have to be red as well. Sound crazy right? yup that's us =D

Just follow below instructions and template to make a cut-out word of the Chinese character 'Chun' means Spring for this year simple decorations, this activity can be done together with kids as well because it is really simple!

What you will need is:
Red Color A4 Paper
Step 1 - Measure and cut-out the extra side of the paper.
Step 2 - Make sure the size is square and nicely cut.
Step 3 - Fold in into half.
Step 4 - Write or draw out the Chinese character 'Chun'
Step 5 - Cut out accordingly.
Or you can follow above instructions I found from Google.
I get to know from MummyQ that after Chinese New Year is over the Chinese character of 'Chun' have to hang upside down which means the Spring festival is over. However we did not really practice this cultural anymore but this year I'm going to practice it once!
After the Step 5, unfold the paper and the word 'Chun' will appear. This is my 'Chun' that I'm going to hang on my door, I believe other's art work will look much more than mine as I'm not good in Chinese characters still I like mine very much. To do this the time approximately just around 15-20 minutes, if you already have the template then it will be around 5 minutes to complete one character.

I hope you'll enjoy this simple arts and crafts from me.

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