Nasi Ayam Claypot K Ten @ Medan Ipoh

We went to this place with Jing's, she brought us here after she was recommended by someone she knew and we think that we should tried it out since we're already at there and for me, I personally think claypot chicken rice is easy food and nice to eat if you know to cook it well because in one pot, it contains everything you need.

Once we reached there, it was crowded, we planned to cancel the dinner and look for options near by but luck was with us, one family finished their meal and ready to off and we quickly occupied the table before others get their chance. Luckily was windy night so its kinda chilling sitting at there. Their menu kinda simple, claypot chicken rice, braised chicken feet, vege with oyster sauce and some few selection while their drinks pretty simple herbal tea, tea or soy bean milk.

Jing's just ordered plain warm water, Boyf ordered herbal tea (ice) and I ordered soy bean milk (ice). I don't know how's the taste of herbal tea as he doesn't let me try or even take a sip but I definitely know the taste of my soy bean milk! so BlAnD!!! it's like drinking plain water with a lil bit of soy bean aroma, so disappointed. 
As our Claypot Chicken Rice served on our table, I really hope and pray that it tastes good unlike the beverage and once the cover was opened, Hmmmm...the smell is really nice and will make your stomach growling however we still need to try it out to confirm that it's really nice. We mixed it and it looked moist and the color really looks good as well as a lot of ingredients in it. And it's Tak- Halal because it contains Chinese Sausage in it, as we saw the Chinese sausage, we're pretty sure it taste not bad.

Overall I think it tastes not bad, very aromatic, the rice fragrance was nice, and of course claypot chicken must be serve hot to taste better. The rice was not really get burn at the bottom, I think the chef's control it pretty good, not too salty although there is salty fish in it. Chicken was ok but I hope they marinated it more longer and remove the bones and the chicken skin. And more spring onions XD because it really helps to bring out the aroma more effectively. Since Ipoh have so many places offer claypot chicken rice and yet I have the chance to try it all so I would not say recommended but I would say it is worth to try it out.

And their adress is...
57, Jalan Medan Ipoh 2, Taman Ipoh Timur, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

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