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I'm a fans of Korea Street Foods and one of it is Tteobokki. I've always carving for it but is weird to go Korea Restaurant's just to order Tteobokki right? I know it's not against the law but we people perception and their eye spotting you is really uncomfortable, so I decided to make some by my own. Ingredients are bought from Queensbay Mall Jusco Supermatket where most of their products are imported.

Sorry for the messy table =P

The Ingredients
Rice Cake
Red Pepper Chili Paste
Sugar (I used Brown Sugar - according to your like)
Mushroom - Usually Korean use Anchovies but I forgotten to buy so I replace it Mushroom.

Cooking pan 
Folk & Spoon
Plate (for serving)
Step 1 - Boil the water with mushroom or anchovies. 
Step 2 - After boil put in red pepper chili paste according to your personal taste. I personally like hot so I put more then sugar.
Step 3 - After the paste is dissolve then put in the rice cake and let it cook.
Step 4 - Let it boil longer for the sauce to be thicken.
Step 5 - After the sauce is thicken then it is ready to be serve.
Step 6 - Eat!!!

Above picture is mt ready Tteobokki, actually you can add more things in it like sausages, vegetables, intestine or egg, well it is up to you what you want to put in it.

My testimonial on my own cook food? - Just editable =C Not impressed =C So sad =C

I don't know how to cook it like Korean restaurant taste like which everytime caused me can't have enough. It so yummy while mine just so-so. Is it I did not cook it anchovies? I'm not sure what I have missed in the ingredients, can anyone tell me or guide me? From what I've learned is they just used this few ingredients and I just follow.

My rice cake is soft and chewy, I'm kinda satisfied with the rice cake, however the sauce is a bit too sweet although I did not put a lot of sugar in it. Is it because of the mushroom? The sauce is totally different from what I've eaten in Korea restaurant.

Next time I should really concentrate in my eating and use my tongue to analyze what ingredients they have out in.

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2 Responses to “Home Cook Tteobokki”

  1. You have to use kelp and the anchovies for the flavor :D but you take them out after boiling before adding the pepper paste etc. and the rice cakes and some fish cakes and long onions.
    Your recipe still sounds nice though, I want to try it!

    1. Hi J, thank you for the tips, would like to try it out too! And sorry for the late reply. Cheers=)