Eye Love You Valentine's Card - Our UP Version

This Valentine's card idea I got it from watching CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) commercial, instead of using CSI they use CS; EYE. So there you go handmade valentine's card for your loved ones! Even kids can do it as well for their valentine's partner, well the partner I mean here is of course the parents or for their classmate's.

What you will need...
Color Papers (I recycle my used paper) - The Color Depend Upon Your Liking
Plain White A4 Paper or used A4 Paper
Black Ball Pen
Color Pencils
Marker Pen
 1. Fold the paper into half.
2. Draw a circle on A4 paper 
3. After draw the circle, cut it!
4. Draw another circle (same size) on the color paper at upper left.
5. Use penknife to cut the circle from the color paper.
6. Use black color marker pen to draw a smaller circle on the white circle color paper.
7. Put on glue #not too much#
8. Glue it on the color paper and the EYE is complete!
It's easy isn't?
P.S: You can use googly eyes as another option to create the eye.
 9. Fold another small piece of paper into half. 
10. Draw a half love shape on it.
11. Then cut it. (Repeat the same for few times)
12. Glue all the love paper together - from biggest to smallest.
P.S: For another option you can draw it or cut out from wrapping paper.
Above color paper are reused.
Ain't it looks like butterfly?
 13. Draw an U on A4 paper.
14. Marked it with color pencil on which side you want to color to avoid miscolor later.
15. Color it.
16. Cut it out.
P.S: You can write 'you' or 'u' with color pens but I choose to make it more colorful so I choose to make it like a magnet.
13. Glue the butterfly love on the middle of the card.
14. Glue the magnet U on the bottom right.
15. Opened the card and use recycle paper and hole puncher to create small 'balloon'. And glue it.
16. Draw your darling Boyf or GirlF on the card - The Alien way or The Despicable Me way.
P.S: I mixed both Alien and Despicable Me way plus the Princess Yoshi tied with the 'balloon'. You can do it UP way but I choose to make our way since it is our love story. 
 And tadaaaaaa...it is done! only take few minutes and recycle your old paper for good.
The Front Look!
Inside of the card look with additional Happy Valentine's Day wording in it!
#Sorry for the ugly handwriting XD#
Ain't it's easy to make one? You can even do it with your kids!

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