Choki Choki Choco Sandwich

Super duper zuper simple chocolate sandwich you can prepare within 1 minute, well I seriously did not joke about it as I already try it for hundreds times since my Uni life and I'm still doing it, cheap and fast is what we need when we're studying because we need energy to finished up our assignments but due to tight financial we need cheap foods, fast to make and healthy. Same goes to working life when we're rushing for project datelines and yet don't have time for dinner or prepare for breakfast because oversleep.

What you'll need is...
Slices of bread - according to your like - mine is Masimo Wheat Germ Bread - for a loaf only cost RM 2.30
And a packet of Choki Choki Chocolate stick which cost only RM 1.20 for five sticks in a packet. 
Next is whether you want to use one whole stick to spread on your bread or divide it into half, I only use half because for me is already more than enough as you can see from above picture, it is almost covered the bread already.


Next step is to eat.

 Just that simple but satisfying meal for on the rush.


P.S: you can even toast your bread first or use sandwich toast.

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