Chan Siew Heng Claypot Chicken Rice @ Kampar

We often came to this shop to eat after our badminton session at Mambang Diawan or Kampar Old Town, there is several shop selling claypot chicken rice in Kampar, Perak but we often came here because we will pass by this shop before other shops, well stomach are growling after 4 hours of badminton session with the badminton peeps so we just stop by the nearest shop to filled our stomach.

This shop is easy to get spotted as they display and cook outside of their shop, so whenever you pass by, you'll get to smell the delicious claypot chicken smell. However the shop looked pretty in age, every shop lots in Kampar Old Town look old and they have their stories behind it, you'll get to know more if you watch Old Street Of Malaysia documentary from Astro. For us who is from suburban or urban area may look at it as really rural area like 60's back in time but for the resident's there, they hold a very priceless memory living at there. As for me, I did hold some memories at there too. Their table and chair also is old style even their signature.

This shop just serve pretty easy menu for their customer's; 1) Claypot Chicken Rice. 2) Vegetable - Ice Lettuce with Oyster Sauce. That's it!!! If you want to add more chicken meats or Chinese sausage in it, just inform them and they'll make it for you.
We seldom order vegetables as the guys not a fans of it but we will order the Claypot Chicken Rice for 3 pots for 6 person - 1 large and 2 medium size.

Above picture is medium size that was served on my table and after mixed. The color looked pretty nice right? The ingredients just basic - Chinese sausage, egg, chicken meats, salted fish spring onions and some soy sauce. To cook a pot of claypot chicken rice took 15-20 minutes of wait so be patience while waiting for your meal to be serve.

The rice perfectly cooked, my preference is, it is better the rice rice don't get burn too much, not too sticky nor hard. Chinese sausage - I prefer they put in more to bring out more aroma and Boyf love Chinese sausage. Salted fish - Just enough, not too much or too little, I know some prefer more but I'm not a fans of salted fish so it's good for me, I'm nor into salty foods. Spring onions - It may look just for better presentation but after mix, it'll bring better taste and aroma of the claypot chicken rice. Egg - Just like any egg so no comment but it did not get burn a lot like what I had at other place. Chicken meats - Well marinated but I do hope they marinate it a bit more longer, very tender , moist but the portion for me a bit too little, they are skinless and the meat size a bit small. The sauce - Just fine, not too salty or bland but something weird with their sauce - I experienced few times already. First few bites, you'll think "Oh, its just pretty normal, nothing so special to brag about." but the more you eat the more you'll get to taste its yummyness and feel like want to order more or eat more. The deeper the rice is the more nicer and the longer you eat, the taste get better.

And our local food adventure Jason Yeoh which also well known as Axian's also visited this place before, I did not know about it until I'm back to Penang to watch the channel from Astro or you can click here to go to his website to watch. I'm not aware of it as there is no banner or so show he came before. I guess it is recommended to go.=D

The address is...
47, Jalan Idris, 31900 Kampar, Perak.

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